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Observer: System Redux - Announcement Trailer | PS4 

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Jun 7, 2021




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NOTW116 5 days ago
I really wish this game had a VR mode for PSVR.
carpetfluff 5 days ago
Nice game, but aside from the little bit of extra content, most the improvements for this on PS5 were visual stuff like ray tracing...so how much more enhanced is the OG PS4 version likely to actually be?
John Nada
John Nada 6 days ago
FINALLY the physical version., man, now where are the physical version of cup head and soma ?
Samuel 卍 M
Samuel 卍 M 7 days ago
Alguien qe comparta su cuenta de ps4 americana con cold war? Necesito terminar el pase y qedan pocos dias
Samuel 卍 M
Samuel 卍 M 7 days ago
Alguien qe comparta su cuenta de ps4 americana con cold war? Necesito terminar el pase y qedan pocos dias
Tote Tate
Tote Tate 7 days ago
This looks intense
FacKb24 7 days ago
Sorcery remake, I just want that, A Sorcery Remake, I don't know where I should comment this so, here it is. Also sorry for my bad english
oppositesleeper 7 days ago
Ugh... i was just about to buy the digital version but i always prefer disc so i guess ill wait a bit longer to play Observer. Looks awesome though.
MrJackiyi1 7 days ago
Still waiting for the physical release of the PS5 version :(
MrJackiyi1 6 days ago
@oppositesleeper should have watched it to the end 😅
oppositesleeper 7 days ago
It was announced in this video.....
Charlie 80
Charlie 80 7 days ago
Aggiornamenti a Go go impossibile giocare , la play station ha rotto le palle abbastanza ultimamente
MADagain 7 days ago
How many REDUX versions do they want for this game... I swear this came out ages ago on PC why am I just seeing this now?
carpetfluff 5 days ago
It did, then PS5 and now it's apparently coming to PS4...so half the bells and whistles will be gone again.
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Restock the ps5 now or I buying an x box one x
E-Lazzer 7 days ago
This game again?
Sam W2
Sam W2 7 days ago
How to ruin a ps4 console.
V llasty
V llasty 7 days ago
Andrei 131
Andrei 131 7 days ago
Hello ai want to say if you guys will put world robot boxing on ps4?
Kakha Ezio Channel
Portal 2 pls and Cool!
Kimochi 7 days ago
Garbage game
mariyam nishana
mariyam nishana 7 days ago
Or else I will sad
Kavi Ta
Kavi Ta 7 days ago
Watching this in my mom's account 😂😂
vapor guy
vapor guy 7 days ago
Beat this already on my ps5 , left me feeling like I never wanted to play it again
Jada Hoizer
Jada Hoizer 7 days ago
@vapor guy BET
vapor guy
vapor guy 7 days ago
@Jada Hoizer no its a really great game it just made me feel psychologically drained afterwards
Jada Hoizer
Jada Hoizer 7 days ago
Is it bad?
Matt Gerrish
Matt Gerrish 7 days ago
Never heard of this title, but I am intrigued makes me think of Cyberpunk mixed with Outlast.
DCJMBL 7 days ago
Its more Cyberpunk mixed with Layers of Fear Its even the same developer
Batzraph 7 days ago
Bought this for PS5, I must be missing something because I hated this game. I did like the atmosphere design.
Sean 7 days ago
Same. The atmosphere gets old really fast and I couldn't get myself to play more than a couple hours
Surya B
Surya B 7 days ago
Sony like this please announce demon's souls to ps4
Kryptid Shadow
Kryptid Shadow 7 days ago
Thought this was a sequel. Imagine
chaTzon 7 days ago
@UNSA Retribution halo and gears Fans love it
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 7 days ago
@UNSA Retribution if that's your opinion, sure, if not, stop.
UNSA Retribution
UNSA Retribution 7 days ago
PS4 is better than xbox
Funkysalad 7 days ago
I wish
Tan Chien Khoon
Tan Chien Khoon 7 days ago
New BloodRayne please 🥺
Zoé Borhegyi
Zoé Borhegyi 7 days ago
This is System Shock?
Karim Ismailov
Karim Ismailov 7 days ago
Carefully, Polish developers🛑
Atom Man
Atom Man 7 days ago
No to seizure inducing games. Thats what I say but I'm really worried about mind control and brainwashing
Lemming 998
Lemming 998 7 days ago
Do what I do - wear a back foil body suit.
WiLLiAM BRiTo 7 days ago
Jandro Orquez
Jandro Orquez 7 days ago
So if I already purchased the original game's version, do I have to pay the whole price AGAIN to get this one?
carpetfluff 5 days ago
They made us pay for the PS5 upgrade so I don't expect this would be any different.
Jandro Orquez
Jandro Orquez 6 days ago
@S Exactly! Was kinda interested about the new side quests this version included (and the improved graphics of course) but i think i'll pass this time and save for new games i haven't played yet
S 7 days ago
Yeah i have it on xbox and switch already, sick of having to buy multiple copies of the same game
Bunnyslippers 7 days ago
Me three
Mauricio Gallego
Mauricio Gallego 7 days ago
thinking the same thing
Gaming Fun
Gaming Fun 7 days ago
Game looks interesting
amristar 7 days ago
Another zombie game
Top Gaming
Top Gaming 7 days ago
I hope that this won't do like cyberpunk 2077
Maximo_Gamer XD
Maximo_Gamer XD 7 days ago
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak 7 days ago
Ps4 is king
ProAssassin84 7 days ago
Can I get a free upgrade please. Have the original.
DudeOfTheWeek 7 days ago
Can I get a free ps5 please. I have the ps4.
Alex Rose
Alex Rose 7 days ago
Will this version have a free PS5 upgrade?
oppositesleeper 7 days ago
Its already out on ps5
hrlnthmpsn 7 days ago
I wouldn’t be surprised that’s the case digitally. I’ve been noticing a lot of cross-gen games on the Playstation Store have been a two-for-one deal.
Han_official 7 days ago
We need GTA SAN Andreas remake
ShionShinigami 7 days ago
Then start doing it!!!👍🏻
r33t111 7 days ago
Will never happen. V takes place in Los Santos already.
Pokiblue 7 days ago
In VR plz lol
Boltcranck 7 days ago
I think this is all thanks to AMD FSR. No, Sony?
MrSubzero28 7 days ago
Coming to retail? Haven't heard that in awhile. Everything been digital or limited Run Games lately..thanks!🙂👍
Cyborg647 7 days ago
Limited run did the original print for this while back
Keiji Johnson
Keiji Johnson 7 days ago
Not everything but at the least whenever something’s made physical by Limited Run, they’re usually available in stores too
El_Dx2 7 days ago
Nice. I wanted to buy this but I wanted a disc.
Mr Iza
Mr Iza 7 days ago
retail has a soundtrack too I think
Wombat 7 days ago
...... We have cyberpunk at home
Jack Holson
Jack Holson 7 days ago
AGAIN? wstyd i wyzysk
BoiBoi800 7 days ago
Playstation has so much games coming out if only I can get my hands on a ps5.......
TheGoMetal 6 days ago
It is not new
[deleted] 7 days ago
You just had to preorder
Tim Perez
Tim Perez 7 days ago
@lul Mendes Considering a PS4Pro is still nearly 400 dollars yes he isnt wrong. PS5 has 400 dollar model. I hope nobody is buying jetengine 4 amateur edition.
lul Mendes
lul Mendes 7 days ago
@BoiBoi800 Same price?! Like yes the ps4's price it's stll ridiculously high but not the same as the ps5
BoiBoi800 7 days ago
@Choo Choo MotherTrucker My Ps4 is broken and is the same price for a Ps5.
ЯåİԥΘ: :Øясå
where''s ARMORED CORE?
SicGroouve 7 days ago
Wee love PlayStation.
NickTay 7 days ago
This game looks pretty interesting, I think I might have to get it and do a playthrough on it
SicGroouve 7 days ago
Ricardo Alves
Ricardo Alves 7 days ago
Natan Custodio
Natan Custodio 7 days ago
Ps4 reina
Skonail 7 days ago
Wait, is this a new game or just a remade version of the original??
Skonail 7 days ago
@Tangible Mammal ya but is it a sequel or a remake???
Tangible Mammal
Tangible Mammal 7 days ago
Its on the play store right now for download.
ENDYMIONtv 7 days ago
If I buy the PS4 version is it automatically upgraded to the Ps5 when available?
ENDYMIONtv 7 days ago
@Sandra Cee Oh? I didn’t know thanks
Sandra Cee
Sandra Cee 7 days ago
Do you want the game for both ps4 and ps5? Cause the ps5 version is already available.. it's on sale right now too :D
Israel Guevara
Israel Guevara 7 days ago
Hope it runs over 15 fps this time
Vili Evans
Vili Evans 7 days ago
The atmosphere in this game is amazing. Bloober Team's best game. You have to pay a LOT of attention to your surroundings though. Otherwise you'll miss things.
Oversoul Gaming
Oversoul Gaming 7 days ago
I played this game on my PS5 months ago I don't understand how it's just now being released. Unless the developers just gave me an early copy. If you don't believe me it's on my channel. In 4k and HDR. The adaptive triggers activate when you go to open doors.
James Harrington
James Harrington 7 days ago
Also, the physical ps5 copy is released too. I believe it was digital before
MadPropzBaller 7 days ago
This is the PS4 version.
Michael Schneider
Is this dlc or an update? Or a whole new game?
Tangible Mammal
Tangible Mammal 7 days ago
Same game only this time you can buy it in stores.
Michael Schneider
꧁Dark Kart꧂. uwu
Super ❤️
zee 33
zee 33 7 days ago
Played this right through to the end in one sitting, utterly gripped throughout (quite a tense and unnerving experience). Not played anything quite like it before. an excellent game!
Lemming 998
Lemming 998 7 days ago
@sinkiy watch this ad and you'll see.
sinkiy 7 days ago
Is it on ps4 ? Can I get a hard copy ?
MadPropzBaller 7 days ago
I loved it so much, but the ending felt kinda weird and unsatisfactory.
Rafael P. Martins
try Soma! If you liked this then you may like Soma either
UK-ALPHADOG 7 days ago
this just seems like Predictive Programming head mash up lol I may look into it
ThatOneCringeKid YT
There is only one thing PlayStation cant do and is Add among us and roblox in the PlayStation store free Lol
FilletKabob 7 days ago
Can someone explain this game to me? Is it fun??
Sherwin Esmaeili
Sherwin Esmaeili 7 days ago
no its a 1 hour “horror” game
BJI82a 7 days ago
Intresting might get it
Mekkanixx 7 days ago
3 words. An amazing game
Xander Park
Xander Park 7 days ago
Onizuka! 7 days ago
Yeah, thats what you're.
Fruitorian 7 days ago
Pure Horror ❤️👍
Other Prisma
Other Prisma 7 days ago
Will this be an update for those who have the OG game?
jsunderland 7 days ago
No, priced game, at 29.99 (or 22.49 if you have Plus)
يہوسہفہ شہرآكہ
Henrique Pimentel
Deadman 7 days ago
July 16th? I literally bought and downloaded this 2 days ago...
Sandra Cee
Sandra Cee 7 days ago
This is the ps4** version :D
Maria Calabrese
Maria Calabrese 7 days ago
So excited
Cinematic Passages
Way better than layers of fear.
mendoncabeast 7 days ago
@Sony just incase you forgot you put out a ps4 pro ver2 out ohh sorry ps5 can we get some exclusives besides Ratchet and clank
mendoncabeast 7 days ago
@James Harrington that's on ps4 lol
James Harrington
James Harrington 7 days ago
Oh cmon, what about sackboy!! Lol
Mappy Bc
Mappy Bc 7 days ago
You mean besides Demon Soul's, Returnal and FF7R episode Intermission? And I guess I should include Destruction All Stars since it is a PS5 exclusive even if it's boring af.
Der Kritiker
Der Kritiker 7 days ago
Sorry i thought this game would be great. So i have bought it and was disappointed. Seems to be like a very cheap version of cyberpunk. Very very very cheap version.
Ed 865
Ed 865 7 days ago
Look at the cowards go.....
Catmath 23
Catmath 23 7 days ago
when bugsnax 2?
Anais Leandra Cardenas Blackwood
علي العراقي
علي موحان 🌴🌻🙂😊🙂🙂😊🏵🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻☘🍀🌺🌺🌺🍂🍁😊😊🤩🤩🤩🤩🌹😘🤩🙂🙂🤩😗😗🥀🥀😗😘😘😘😗😗⚘⚘🌷🌷💐💐💐💐🌿🌸🌸⚘⚘🌼⚘🥀😘🤩🤩😘😘😘😘😘😘
Anwar Musah
Anwar Musah 7 days ago
... is this an upgrade for the 2017 vanilla version?
Rev Jragon
Rev Jragon 7 days ago
Yeah, this version has been on steam for a few months I think.
mario mario
mario mario 7 days ago
I still have my Limited Run copy. It was so atmospheric I never experienced something like it since Bioshock. 🐺 👶. (:
Cyborg647 7 days ago
Same i haven't gotten around to playing it tho lol
It'sDaDukeBaby 7 days ago
@ALI-K not A tf is wrong with you
ALI-K not A
ALI-K not A 7 days ago
No you don't have it so don't lie
yun 7 days ago
yun 7 days ago
Tony Ilias
Tony Ilias 7 days ago
Who's excited for E3?
Guren TGC
Guren TGC 7 days ago
yun 7 days ago
yun 7 days ago
Saimon Caetano
Saimon Caetano 7 days ago
Salve PS
Dragon Heart The Kind Dragon 🐲
Freaking sweet! 😎🔥
yun 7 days ago
Vicomaister 7 days ago
I am OBSERVER... of PS5...
yun 7 days ago
1K.FREEZY 7 days ago
Derek Ho 2013's
Derek Ho 2013's 7 days ago
From the team who bought you goldeneye series
Tangible Mammal
Tangible Mammal 7 days ago
But you dont shoot anything in this? In fact all you do is walk right?
Quesito 7 days ago
I thought it was outlast trials bruh
Landi Smith
Landi Smith 7 days ago
bot life all day
bot life all day 7 days ago
I beat 1 dollar Playstation won't like
инкогнито 228
Ууууу норм игра
izzy nunez
izzy nunez 7 days ago
Dr_ Mimosa_yt
Dr_ Mimosa_yt 7 days ago
SmudgeTheDog 7 days ago
Why am I early for something idc about. Fml
Dr_ Mimosa_yt
Dr_ Mimosa_yt 7 days ago