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👊 Sifu
🏹 Kena: Bridge of Spirits
🚀 Jett: The Far Shore
🍳 Nour: Play With Your Food

Just a taste of the incredible indies coming to PS5.

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Jun 6, 2021




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The Most Complete
Release physical copies for kena bridge of spirits you jerks!!
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
I love the video
Öykü Derecik
Öykü Derecik 6 days ago
I can't wait for Kena: Bridge of Spirits! 💚💙
Baldus09 7 days ago
kena and sifu does look very cool
Jim Pavlou
Jim Pavlou 7 days ago
Prince Groove
Prince Groove 7 days ago
The Pathless has been my favorite game indie thus far.
DudeOfTheWeek 7 days ago
Kena and Sifu looks amazing!
Max Hutchinson
Max Hutchinson 7 days ago
Kena and Sifu are two of my most anticipated games! Look incredible
Mr.Tortuga 7 days ago
None of these are indie games...
Gamer Bamban
Gamer Bamban 5 days ago
All of them were developed by small independent studios making them indie
vincent tan
vincent tan 7 days ago
nice dance move sifu
إسلام 7 days ago
ps5 120 fps is FAKE
Ralph Barbagallo
Ralph Barbagallo 7 days ago
Kdubb815 7 days ago
I want a PS5 for Kena, that game looks amazing but I’m gonna have to wait until PS5’s are in stores. Guess it’ll be in 2022 or 2023 🤷🏼‍♂️
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Jayloy 7 days ago
With looks cool but also feel it might feel repetitive pretty quick. So not sure how I feel about that one yet
Idiot Nigga
Idiot Nigga 7 days ago
RECCA 7 days ago
yes!Kena !
Tennyo 7 days ago
These are the type of games PlayStation should stick to. Games with heart and creativity.
Ghost De Razgriz
Ghost De Razgriz 7 days ago
Honestly these all look like bangers, and I already played Bugsnax which was great.
Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas 7 days ago
Sifu and Kena: Bridge of Spirits look right up my alley. Looking forward to those titles.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee 7 days ago
It's criminal how underrated indie games are
Ricardo SV
Ricardo SV 7 days ago
Nooo Sony, stop torturing your fanboys they hate indies.
Eddy Garcia
Eddy Garcia 7 days ago
Ok what exactly classifies as “indie” because Kena definitely doesn’t look indie.
Gamer Bamban
Gamer Bamban 5 days ago
Projects developed by independent small studios with their own funding or made possible thanks to them being crowdfunded
gFreddyYT 7 days ago
Yo sigo esperando security breach :/
SuperMonshine 7 days ago
The decrease in Indie titles supported by Sony PlayStation is pretty obvious since J.Ryan got the job....sad!
An absolute Chad
An absolute Chad 8 days ago
Can we all agree that bugsnax is objectively the best game ever made
Klein World
Klein World 8 days ago
Can’t wait to play it on my PS5
Тимур Халилов
*All these games are available on PC*
Washington Figueiredo
I Love you SONY! 😍
Playstayshon. I like the pronunciation. Awesome Indie games.
Nikko 8 days ago
Kena & Sifu for me! 🤩🤌🏼
Andy Bobandi
Andy Bobandi 8 days ago
Every time I hear an announcement for the ps5 I pray for sly cooper.. id buy a console so mf quick itd make scalpers heads spin
Sharito742 8 days ago
Almost all of these will be on PS4, let's go.
wegi channel
wegi channel 8 days ago
every indie game always release to pc
Alexander Antonopoulos
Only on PS5, PS4, PC
Rikimaru B
Rikimaru B 8 days ago
Kena and Sifu is all i need.
xry 8 days ago
Bugsnax GOTY
D Seo
D Seo 8 days ago
Zwei 8 days ago
Kena deserves a physical release please 🙏
xJuliettex 8 days ago
Kena looks gorgeous!
Nicolas H.
Nicolas H. 8 days ago
24th of August is confirmed for Kena ? No preorder available
AMO productions
AMO productions 8 days ago
is oddworld really an indie game?
nd3e 8 days ago
I'm also looking foward to Kena. But then I was also looking forward to Biomutant...and we know how that turned out
Boiraj Boruah
Boiraj Boruah 8 days ago
Kena bridge of spirits ❣️❣️❣️ cannot wait 🤩
sustav 8 days ago
Where is little devil inside, guys?
Calvin MacDonald
Calvin MacDonald 8 days ago
sony fix the cmos battery issue that will make our physical and digital games useless on the ps4 in the future. people didnt spend thousands of dollars on your system just for it to be a brick!!!!!!! his practice is illegal and can result in a lawsuit.
OLomasO 8 days ago
Play has no limits!... unless it's crossplay
PlayStation Gamer
Why no physical release?
ENXGMA 8 days ago
"Also available on PS4". I hope devs will soon start focusing on next-gen hardware so we can experience PS5's full potential.
Frey 6 days ago
I think somewhere playstation said, they want supporting ps4 games next 2 years.
Pancho Jimenez
Pancho Jimenez 8 days ago
Nothing about Little Devil Inside ... again
DHIWANTARA 8 days ago
Евгений Бычков
oro plata
oro plata 8 days ago
Kena is indie?
W28NDS 8 days ago
SIFU & KENA cannot wait for those to be released !!.
UpInYourGrills 8 days ago
Kena and Sifu both look great to me!
Marcio Anjos
Marcio Anjos 8 days ago
Osama Morad
Osama Morad 8 days ago
Kena PC version So cool
Jastin Balanquit
Jastin Balanquit 8 days ago
SIFU is out now?
Duce The 2nd
Duce The 2nd 8 days ago
Just bought Pathless, excited for Kena, and I’ve been very curious about Jett since it was announced. Much rather spend money on these than high budget games with questionable creativity
SpikeTheWolf 8 days ago
Salani Orgaan
Salani Orgaan 8 days ago
Goodbye Volcano High fans: . . .
Whomer 8 days ago
Emora Nightmare
Emora Nightmare 8 days ago
Kena 🧡
The Gamer
The Gamer 8 days ago
PlayStation studio games will eventually come to PC confirmed by playstation no need to buy a PS5
Trent Piccicacco
Trent Piccicacco 8 days ago
No little devil inside ☹️
Peekaboo 8 days ago
No limits? Chuckle.
Jianfa Ben Tsai
Jianfa Ben Tsai 8 days ago
Why not a video game skill where player standing face to face with enemy, player turned around to run, then activate mutant skill to jump backwards towards and through enemy's body like pass through solid wall, to then kill n stab enemy from its back from behind? Can also be used for movie or anime scene?
Niko Pondexter
Niko Pondexter 8 days ago
Playstation could you please announce hello neighbor 2
ElitonizandO Edge6
Sony now. PC!PC!PC!PC! 😏
Lebwon Goku
Lebwon Goku 8 days ago
Kena doesn't feel Indie at all
ZanFear 8 days ago
Some of these "indie" games look like "AA" games.
Faerhad Targaryen
these independent games are underrated. Bugsnax is my favorite Ps5 game so far - no joke, and Kena is my most anticipated Ps5 game this year.
Julian DiSabatino
Bro where tf is Stray. All i want to be is a cat
Footde Coulde
Footde Coulde 8 days ago
How are some of these Indies titles
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 8 days ago
Sometimes I feel like Indie games are MUCH better than some AAA games.
Blomatik Geek
Blomatik Geek 8 days ago
I remind you that Kena can be finished in a weekend
Redwald Cuthberting
Also available in PS4 and PC. Sums up that trailer...
francisco lopez
francisco lopez 8 days ago
KENA is only PS5 and PS4 "PRO" ????
JFKTV 8 days ago
Sifu this year?! Yes please.
Asta Is A Beast!
Asta Is A Beast! 8 days ago
*Give me a PS5 already Sony!*
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Daniel Castañeda
If big multimillionare companies made these "indies" how are there indies
Gamer Bamban
Gamer Bamban 8 days ago
None of this were made by "big multimillionaire companies" they were made possible by crowdfunding or kickstarter, the only difference is that PlayStation is taking the bulk of promotion for them since they are from smaller studios that can be closed if one project fails
Justin LaBoy
Justin LaBoy 8 days ago
Kena is the one im looking forward to most!
Denis Dávidek
Denis Dávidek 8 days ago
Looking forward to Kena and Sifu.
Encoun2er 8 days ago
Remember: temper expectations and stay skeptical
Drex99 8 days ago
Shıb ınu coin Buy ok
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campos3452 8 days ago
Oh wow, so these games will be on PC as well? Thank you PlayStation!
joão canas
joão canas 8 days ago
Kena and psychonauts 2 on the same day.
Fraaz Akhter
Fraaz Akhter 8 days ago
Aah Sony 'Exclusives' appearing on PS4 as well as PC eventually
EJLimo 8 days ago
Kena 24.08 on ps4 and pc 👎ps5 ?????
Jason Harris
Jason Harris 8 days ago
Games like these go unnoticed and that's the problem. I could be missing out on playing an awesome game right now.
MadMike4242 8 days ago
Where is Goodbye Volcano High
Gamer Bamban
Gamer Bamban 8 days ago
Likely cancelled after the reception it received
Ryou X Gaming
Ryou X Gaming 8 days ago
Kena on going to play all night
James Burke
James Burke 8 days ago
What about that cat game Stray
10Kyuuby 8 days ago
Little Devil Inside when?????
wrreal 8 days ago
no little devil inside
Nathan Ridenour
Nathan Ridenour 8 days ago
cant wait for Kena, looks like one of the best games of the year....also Sifu
Any Chompers?
Any Chompers? 8 days ago
Silksong when?
Hanzo Reiza
Hanzo Reiza 8 days ago
Looking forward to Kena and Sifu
Jonathan 8 days ago
Oh man. I forgot about Sifu.
Wombat 8 days ago
I cant wait to see the next generation of indie games on PS5 5 years from now
Jelly 8 days ago
Just lol, Sony losing it more and more
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