Fortnite - Chapter 2 Season 7 Story Trailer | PS5, PS4 

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They came without warning, their intentions were unclear. But what’s clear now is that a war has come to the Island.

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Jun 8, 2021




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PlayStation PS5
Tell fortnite please 🙏🙏🙏 to bring back the of hole map and more like season 2
Farida Ghaouel
Thay destroy the zero Point
إسلام 4 days ago
Why is the ps5 not working in real 4K and 120 fake frames? Why?
Melvin Dlamini
Melvin Dlamini 4 days ago
CoolDrama Alpha
CoolDrama Alpha 4 days ago
What about "Save the World" mode
SAQR weighty
SAQR weighty 5 days ago
Pls gift me a ps5 I have ps4 but in endgame only 25 FPS 🥺
atlas vash
atlas vash 5 days ago
Any fellow mistborn fans with the whole kelsier skin?
Huj Mamin
Huj Mamin 6 days ago
I have downloaded this game to my ps5 long time ago, but haven't even watched it... All commertials looks like its a crazy house marasm... And what this "season" word mean???))) I have allready erased cod cold war and its 2424564 gb of updates course i dont understand what is it even mean and what its for :))) what is the game aboult???? 1 minute would be ennough to erase this garbage, i suppose
ex Lightning
ex Lightning 6 days ago
What?... Why?
Snap works
Snap works 6 days ago
why is no one hyped for this?
Khaleesi 6 days ago
At this point shouldn’t be called fortnite can’t even come up with character,skins,dance moves they have to take license characters and put them in the game it’s stupid and ppls who play this game are just a stupid whoever made this stupid game
Ghost De Razgriz
Ghost De Razgriz 6 days ago
One day when the apocalypse finally arrives, the world's knowledge will need to be preserved for those that come after. Entire data stores of everything we created, every movie, song, formula, book, and game kept in massive data vaults, and in the world's intellectual properties section, it'll just be a copy of fortnite.
Larry Foulke Official
I see you're a man if culture
Yahia Hany
Yahia Hany 6 days ago
No the zero point
Ranara Gaming
Ranara Gaming 6 days ago
So naruto isn’t coming to fortnite?
muawiyah Izani
muawiyah Izani 6 days ago
wheres the samsung assistant skin?
Mcdannt Gaming
Mcdannt Gaming 6 days ago
KillerSnakeFire Gaming
@Assassin_Primus Gaming dude that was 2 seasons ago
Assassin_Primus Gaming
@julinator 21 sorry to late epic already planned on add them back In season 5 chapter 2 they are just waiting for a opportunity
julinator 21
julinator 21 6 days ago
Pls not pls don't ruin one of the best animes
Rohan's gaming
Rohan's gaming 6 days ago
Where is agent jones
Assassin_Primus Gaming
HeyitsmeUzi 6 days ago
Season 7 HYPE
Adel Abbassi
Adel Abbassi 6 days ago
Ha.. The season is talks about a UFOs.... Because it's trend now
Samuel 卍 M
Samuel 卍 M 7 days ago
Alguien qe comparta su cuenta americana con cold war? Necesito terminar el pase y qedan pocos dias
Samuel 卍 M
Samuel 卍 M 7 days ago
Alguien qe comparta su cuenta americana con cold war? Necesito terminar el pase y qedan pocos dias
Samuel 卍 M
Samuel 卍 M 7 days ago
Alguien qe comparta su cuenta americana con cold war? Necesito terminar el pase y qedan pocos dias
Alfyris 7 days ago
ApEd 7 days ago
Pea shooter Boy assault ale
Rick and morty
Justin Rance Palingcod
Now that's a BIG MOTHERSHIP this is like an INDEPENDENCE DAY vibe
Devon Allred
Devon Allred 7 days ago
Nice video
Angel Melendez
Angel Melendez 7 days ago
I miss the old 2017 fortnite. The old map.
Ana Maria Roa
Ana Maria Roa 7 days ago
“I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ” ?!!!.....🥶....
Omar Alhadethy
Omar Alhadethy 7 days ago
Ok since this mothership took the zero point i think the event will be trying to go in the mothership and get it back
CocoHindiYT 7 days ago
Kid game 😂
عبدالله القحطاني
All right, my boy.
jerry howard
jerry howard 7 days ago
Independence Day reference thrown in there as well
Shadowfox Prower
Shadowfox Prower 7 days ago
Are we not going to talk about the fact @0:34 Clark was playing fornite with a Batman skin.
Larion2008 7 days ago
thegamer 6 days ago
He teleported to the wrong dimension and it turned Morty into a pickaxe and he also lost his portal gun 👍
Pleio Leo
Pleio Leo 7 days ago
0:54 Did they just do a Monster vs Alien reference?
ethanostorey 7 days ago
Why did they have to go and add Rick and Morty into fortnite
XxStorm Paradise4xX
Dr. Slone was in Season 6 Trailer in Beginning When Jonsey Was in Battle Bus and He wanted To Stop The Zero Point for Exploed! 💕🤗 And Dr. Slone Tryed to Stop Jonsey to Go Close to The Zero Point!!!!
نغم 7 days ago
Malachi Steven
Malachi Steven 7 days ago
i did not see rick coming at all imma buy him MOM WHERES MY CREDIT CARD
Malachi Steven
Malachi Steven 6 days ago
@n0name no i ment my credit card
n0name 6 days ago
Your moms credit card*
Nestor Cicardini
Nestor Cicardini 7 days ago
0:54 DreamWorks Monsters vs Aliens reference
erfan plg d v d
erfan plg d v d 7 days ago
kids game
Who opened a USlift channel to buy a PlayStation 5 😂
Ritwick Rain
Ritwick Rain 7 days ago
half yin half yang
0:28 1:08 maybe the newcaster skin and the woo whoo emote?
GaMe ReViEwS WiKi
Oooooh yees ufo😎🤟
xBLACKSTAR 7 days ago
A Rick skin but no Morty skin. 😢
Assassin_Primus Gaming
I’m pretty sure morty will appear in the shop soon
thegamer 6 days ago
There's a Morty pickaxe if you want that
El Marco nel Tubo
No, really season? Capter? Winter, spring, summer, autumn, don't got em?
Juzo Inui
Juzo Inui 7 days ago
It’s Independence Day all over again
Brodie 7 days ago
I just want The Foundation skin already
Bonnie The bunny
Bonnie The bunny 5 days ago
@KevinGame3 let’s hope
KevinGame3 5 days ago
He’s gonna be the secret later as the season 7 progresses
Bonnie The bunny
Bonnie The bunny 7 days ago
Cytromancer 16
Cytromancer 16 7 days ago
So this is Fortnite x Independence Day?
Bonnie The bunny
Bonnie The bunny 7 days ago
Well yes but actually no
Rage Gamer
Rage Gamer 7 days ago
Was that a halo destiny character that fell into the ocean?
Diego Castillo Ledezma
That was the fundación (the léader of the 7)
RUSSHA BORODA 7 days ago
0:35 Klark Kent-Supermen
Abyan Devi
Abyan Devi 7 days ago
Remember back then when fortnite its just building base game to defend from zombie horde
Keith Cousins
Keith Cousins 5 days ago
@DigitalKid14 New video is up on my USlift channel
DigitalKid14 6 days ago
Was trash back then too
Ink Tea
Ink Tea 6 days ago
Pepperidge Farms remembers..
Dark Stevo
Dark Stevo 7 days ago
It still is just play stw 🙂
חבי חאטיף
Fortnite is toxic why is this a thing
Bonnie The bunny
Bonnie The bunny 7 days ago
And anyways what can they do about it?
Bonnie The bunny
Bonnie The bunny 7 days ago
No only cringe Fortnite kids are toxic
Enzo Gabriel
Enzo Gabriel 7 days ago
Garnet, is that you?
SpikeTheWolf 7 days ago
Is supes playing fortnight?
Link Miguel
Link Miguel 7 days ago
No manches y ¿Cuándo van a lanzar el misil?
M Mm
M Mm 7 days ago
Wow very nice I love Sony And Fortnite!
george mitsalas
george mitsalas 7 days ago
Even if you hate fortnite ,you can't deny the art design of these trailers imp
KavinCatastrophe 7 days ago
Thought that was Braniac for a Minute.
Zenkai Ranger
Zenkai Ranger 7 days ago
V FOR GAMING 7 days ago
Fortnite Store trailer for this season is awesome
Herru Rozzi
Herru Rozzi 7 days ago
The obese brandy numerically cycle because comparison worrisomely squeeze amongst a bitter cloth. typical, shy shorts
xnodix 7 days ago
Rafael Oliveira Ferreira
I want my fortnite Back ( season 1 and 2 was the best
Rafael Oliveira Ferreira
@KillerSnakeFire Gaming chapter One man
KillerSnakeFire Gaming
Chapter one or Chapter two I prefer chapter two
Soul bbq
Soul bbq 7 days ago
What does peely say in the begining someone has to figure that out
Soul bbq
Soul bbq 7 days ago
@Wavyy ok
Wavyy 7 days ago
@Soul bbq yeah
Soul bbq
Soul bbq 7 days ago
@Wavyy thats what he said?
Wavyy 7 days ago
The rest of them showed up
Omarion 7 days ago
No cap this makes fortnite look fun but we all know it’s not 😔
tom sav19_
tom sav19_ 7 days ago
I miss Chapter 1 Szn 1 to Szn 7
Keith Cousins
Keith Cousins 7 days ago
My new video is up.
Nightflash28 6 days ago
We still, really, do not care, Keith.
Inky Kitsune
Inky Kitsune 7 days ago
I didn’t finish the last battle pass cause I got burnt out on the gameplay loop then you add Rick. Dammit Epic.
KillerSnakeFire Gaming
@Nahom Haile he can still play the game
Nahom Haile
Nahom Haile 7 days ago
Just play something else
Raiyan Farhan
Raiyan Farhan 7 days ago
Organic crusader
Organic crusader 7 days ago
The government is going to fake an alien invasion this year
dxusty m
dxusty m 7 days ago
Fortnite really added rick but not morty how could you
ps gaming
ps gaming 7 days ago
Actually they did as a hammer
Gaming With Cov
Gaming With Cov 7 days ago
Never got into the Fortnite hype but as always, Playstation has really inspired me to keep going with my gaming channel.,!
Logan Jones
Logan Jones 7 days ago
All y’all talking bout Rick, but I’m more interested in why Ultraman Belial is in this! I’m not joking.
Crazy Cat
Crazy Cat 7 days ago
I’m a big fan on the Close Encounters references
Is this game still going?
thegamer 6 days ago
If it wasn't this season wouldn't be out lol
Razor 7 days ago
Err, should we say yes?
Snipez Dd
Snipez Dd 7 days ago
My ps4 was laggin so hard bc of this Trash Update my Ping was Always at 120
Vintruder 7 days ago
I mean like ok I guess. Now I gotta wait for Adam to make a video about this
Sivavarunan Siva
Sivavarunan Siva 7 days ago
@Vintruder nice 'Hello there I am adam from playstationgranade' His voice is always nice to hear
Vintruder 7 days ago
@Sivavarunan Siva yeap
Sivavarunan Siva
Sivavarunan Siva 7 days ago
From playstationgranade
letmewin17yt 7 days ago
this game still popular??
Bonnie The bunny
Bonnie The bunny 7 days ago
Thomas M
Thomas M 7 days ago
José Barreto
José Barreto 7 days ago
Aliens come on june that was Logan Paul said
Roberto Salas
Roberto Salas 7 days ago
I love playstation and i hate Xbox the controller it's very confusing.
Kyon Woods
Kyon Woods 7 days ago
Rick in fortnite is the most cursed thing i’ve seen in a while
MR NOOBIE 6 days ago
Fort nite always spoils a iconic character
Wolf Heart Gaming
@SpikeTheWolf make me want to barf
SwiftyT 7 days ago
@SpikeTheWolf he’s a cartoon that’s why
Larniie Playz
Larniie Playz 7 days ago
JB Lightning
JB Lightning 7 days ago
🤢🤮 I can’t believe it what a nightmare
nekotoro 7 days ago
Fortnite is the best game
xXTh3ViRusXx _TTV
Code Créateur : DJBeats45
felipe lemes
felipe lemes 7 days ago
PlayStation 😃 the exclusive pack has arrived
Felix Leiter
Felix Leiter 7 days ago
Where is 1440p Support on ps5?
Ariel Ludueña
Ariel Ludueña 7 days ago
0:55 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ idiot
Nolan Hassaan
Nolan Hassaan 7 days ago
I love you PlayStation I have your PS5 and I play fortnite on it I am getting the battlepass tonight so Hyped.
The Fiend
The Fiend 7 days ago
Instead of advertising games how about releasing more consoles
Dedecai Games
Dedecai Games 7 days ago
Just waiting BF6 Battle Royale
Was that Superman and they need to put naruto skins in fortnite I actually might start playing again
KillerSnakeFire Gaming
Of course it was Superman and I agree but I’m already playing and got the battle pass
Fun With The Bugs
Love it or Hate it? I think Love it ♥️
Candra Alvian
Candra Alvian 7 days ago
CT& AntR1000
CT& AntR1000 7 days ago
Could have been better
Z 7 days ago
Bonnie The bunny
Bonnie The bunny 7 days ago
Shack playz
Shack playz 7 days ago
Shack playz
Shack playz 6 days ago
@Taskmaster wow really I didn’t know that 😐
Taskmaster 6 days ago
@Shack playzit’s still Battle Royal
Awesome s3x haver
@Taskmaster look at how different fortnite was 3 years ago, you'd literally think it's a completely different game
Shack playz
Shack playz 7 days ago
@Taskmaster how it literally is 😂
Taskmaster 7 days ago
Marquion 7 days ago
Even if you don’t “like” Fortnite or don’t play it you got to admit they do things the biggest when it comes to advertising and creating new things to keep people entertained.
Marquion 6 days ago
@JB Lightning what do you mean so what? my reply was never meant to offend you
JB Lightning
JB Lightning 6 days ago
@Marquion so what and I didn’t even know about that
Marquion 6 days ago
@JB Lightning they still went out there way to promote it. They put crop circles across the world in real life.
Wolf Heart Gaming
True even tho invasion is garbage like spoiled milk
JB Lightning
JB Lightning 7 days ago
It’s terrible
HAMODY Hussein
HAMODY Hussein 7 days ago
افضل سيزن
Did I just witness Clark Kent? Superman?
Kritzdyoass 7 days ago
R.I.P to the Seasonal Live Event
Larry Foulke Official
That started in ch2 s1
omega adiψ
omega adiψ 7 days ago
nitecaca 7 days ago
Uns dos 1