Guilty Gear -Strive- - Official Launch Trailer | PS4 

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The official Guilty Gear -Strive- Launch Trailer, showcasing the heroes and villains of the Guilty Gear universe. Guilty Gear -Strive- comes out on June 11th for PS4 and PS5.

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Jun 7, 2021




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Robert Carrillo
Robert Carrillo 6 days ago
Can’t wait!
Piero Mazzino
Piero Mazzino 6 days ago
I need this game to have more playable characters than Dragon ball fighterz 😫
Adrian Forcjum
Adrian Forcjum 6 days ago
I just hope that the game will be so much different from previous installments ,not much changes in GG games apart from few stages and few characters here and there .
Adrian Forcjum
Adrian Forcjum 6 days ago
I just hope that the game will be so much different from previous installments ,not much changes in GG games apart from few stages and few characters here and there .
Michael Cooke
Michael Cooke 6 days ago
Generic anime game
PUMATV 7 days ago
Gives me death stranding vibes
W28NDS 7 days ago
can’t wait for this !!.
Prince Groove
Prince Groove 7 days ago
Dammit, I’m so hyped! My PS5 copy is arriving today, can’t wait.
Ben Hood
Ben Hood 7 days ago
Berd haha
emerson casaljay
emerson casaljay 7 days ago
veigos here
Mr. Incredible
Mr. Incredible 7 days ago
Delay PLZ.
Alexander Washington
Steven Gooding
Steven Gooding 7 days ago
Amazing trailer for an amazing game!
Christian Verzosa
I don’t know why but my ps4 won’t download the game. Pre ordered it and now it won’t download.
Gaming Fun
Gaming Fun 7 days ago
Looks interesting can't wait.
Eren Ozeken
Eren Ozeken 7 days ago
Metal Gear- Strive!? Oh, never mind
Didi Xtar
Didi Xtar 7 days ago
where's Eddy?
Didi Xtar
Didi Xtar 6 days ago
@Aaron Atkinson I just saw it, THANK U, I was panicking for a minute 🥲
Aaron Atkinson
Aaron Atkinson 6 days ago
Don't worry he's playable have you seen his gameplay trailer it's badass just like the other ones
JayW 7 days ago
Man if you didn't know this was a fighting game you'd be expecting some No More Heroes esqe action RPG. Amazing work on this.
scp -???
scp -??? 7 days ago
nice game
SAOD FIFA 7 days ago
Can you please bring sly cooper back?
Chino Pepino
Chino Pepino 7 days ago
Seth Grey
Seth Grey 7 days ago
Anybody know what happened to Ky?
Kenny Begeske
Kenny Begeske 7 days ago
I would like to see this game on the Playstation 5
shinra358 7 days ago
that man better be fightable in this game!
shinra358 7 days ago
if they switch back to japanese on the updates like in xrd, imma be mad
Edward Serfrosty Martinez
It’s switchable
Moshi Moshi
Moshi Moshi 8 days ago
Cool but more fps please 🤔...
salad 8 days ago
why does it have ps4 on the title lol
_Best anime? And game?_ *Y e s*
Devon Allred
Devon Allred 8 days ago
Nice video
Claudio xsempre
Claudio xsempre 8 days ago
this game is too hard for me,i prefer sf5
Elie Daccache
Elie Daccache 8 days ago
Isn't this Kayn's VA?
Nova disruptor
Nova disruptor 8 days ago
Sol the bad guy, this is gonna get 🔥
Real American Negro
Bedman is back?
Aidan K
Aidan K 8 days ago
Send me a playstation 5
Aidan K
Aidan K 8 days ago
Make more play and send me two for free i tried orders one but it wouldn't go through
do you really expect to get a free ps5?
Gopy Yanusdev
Gopy Yanusdev 8 days ago
Sony please put game forza horizon 4 on ps4
UnTimed Purpose
UnTimed Purpose 8 days ago
I know no one who plays this.
Krenton 8 days ago
is that a disgaea character? lol
Last Yakuza
Last Yakuza 8 days ago
Game pass : Mom i want this !!!!
Super Saiyan Bro
Super Saiyan Bro 8 days ago
Launch trailer if you paid 100 for the ultimate edition
Smo0thCriminal4 7 days ago
The deluxe also drops on the 8th. That seems like a better deal anyways since all the extra digital stuff will end up online anyways
TheObicobiHD 8 days ago
Let's goooo 👏👏👏 Finally, I'm so ready for this ☺️😭🔥
Alex D
Alex D 8 days ago
Ngl I never even touched a guilty gear game but this looks cool af
Wolf Pac
Wolf Pac 8 days ago
JUNE'S 11th lol. Backlog simply.... RATCHET and CLANK ra NGC ETC baby's.. & PS 5 BEGINS....
Sebastián Castro
And dizzy or elpelht?
Wolf Pac
Wolf Pac 8 days ago
SONY'S; buy arc systems studios TOO... pretty please.
Wolf Pac
Wolf Pac 8 days ago
Backlog as usual....or ultamite edition version instead.
Wolf Pac
Wolf Pac 8 days ago
FRIDAY & PS5 BEGINS. Its nearly here's... AUGUST 24th; KENA ETC.
Wolf Pac
Wolf Pac 8 days ago
Friday begins & PS5 TOO.. RATCHET and CLANK RA NGC ETC...
iofen 8 days ago
This.. Is a fighting game, right?
Shivang Shandilya
This game looks soo fire🔥🔥🔥
mad dog linus
mad dog linus 8 days ago
"i can be your angle or yuor devil" -joker (2021)
ed rage
ed rage 8 days ago
Can you play with original japanese voices and subtitles?
ed rage
ed rage 8 days ago
@Welmosca thanks!
Welmosca 8 days ago
It's always an option in these games so yes there must be an option for that.
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 8 days ago
So bedman is a Jack-o, it all makes sense now
Intergalactic Chicano
I'll wait till they come out with the 3rd version
Kamal Yandluri
Kamal Yandluri 8 days ago
Jack o Jack o what?
Bupperoni 7 days ago
Jack-O Valentine, an artificial human cloned from a scientist.
vl4eva 8 days ago
Netherrealm: "WE THE BEST!" ArcSys: "We'll see!" 😏
ultra instinct jay
When are you going to add raft to the ps store
eSKAone 8 days ago
They should use this engine for a whole Netflix series.
Icey Vibes
Icey Vibes 8 days ago
AnubisBahamut 8 days ago
big meh tbh sticking with rev2
MikuXLegend 8 days ago
Hey the game is not out till the 11th how is it a launch trailer?????
THE PEAR 8 days ago
Fran de Astora
Fran de Astora 8 days ago
This trailer is BAD. This is a fighting game a 0 fighting.
AyaneOfDeath 8 days ago
Bruno Arrais
Bruno Arrais 8 days ago
can't wait
LeVar Higgins
LeVar Higgins 8 days ago
3 more days 🤗
Hakusa 8 days ago
Omori for ps4 and ps5 when???????!!!!!
General Tso Joe Hayabusa
It’s a shame that Arc Systems has the ability to evolve their flagship series into something greater, but they keep it limited to a fighting genre.
SirToxic 7 days ago
Fighting game players are probably the most dedicated fanbase. So, to be fair, if they release DLC people will continue to play and pay for a long time and tournaments will raise money and awareness as well.
General Tso Joe Hayabusa
@AyaneOfDeath Bah, that one doesn’t count lol.
AyaneOfDeath 8 days ago
Guilty Gear 2 was a Musou. A Bad one
MikeRazorshards 8 days ago
Video games have come a long way since Pac-man.
The One
The One 8 days ago
Vuder on the end nice
Shinto. Canti
Shinto. Canti 8 days ago
Im just in the corner waiting for sin
Derek Ho 2013's
Derek Ho 2013's 8 days ago
From the team who bought you one piece YUGIOH Naruto series awesomeness job
Lotus Inc.
Lotus Inc. 8 days ago
I want a ARPG in this universe after this trailer
superpe 8 days ago
Wow i never knew i wanted that till now
Heaven Crasher
Heaven Crasher 8 days ago
dad 8 days ago
So cringey
benny kumala
benny kumala 8 days ago
make the movie.
phantasyxstudios 8 days ago
who is he? that "bed" man?
Dark Nerd Shawny
Dark Nerd Shawny 8 days ago
Woolie! Explain please!
Linda's Son
Linda's Son 8 days ago
Tis the season for PS5 owners this week!
Mars 8 days ago
They need to make a movie
Double A
Double A 8 days ago
It feels more like a movie trailer than a game one.
GuremX 8 days ago
Matthew Marshall
Matthew Marshall 8 days ago
It's fighting season gentlemen/gentlewomen 👍
Nikhil Pattima
Nikhil Pattima 8 days ago
Will it work in ps5 as well
Games zone
Games zone 8 days ago
arrownoir 8 days ago
When do we get to slap “That Man” around?
Sora 4 Smash
Sora 4 Smash 8 days ago
So no one gonna mention happy chaos is just bed man out of his bed and green with horns
16F16G 8 days ago
he got up, finally
PhantomThief 8 days ago
So true!
TopTierSloth 8 days ago
Happy sounds like the guy from Disco Elysium edit: specifically ancient reptilian brain
Thought it was just me.
Relax Bear
Relax Bear 8 days ago
When a villain named himself "Happy Chaos" you know he is a psychopath, lacks empathy, a conscience, concern over right and wrong and merciless like Joker🤡 .Daisuke created a badass villain.😈
xcreishixcelaya 8 days ago
Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch 8 days ago
That is a game right?
JFKTV 8 days ago
June is so packed as far as PS5 releases....especially this week with Guilty Gear, Final Fantasy VII Intergrade and Ratchet & Clank...and the two controllers. Help me.
Andre’ Phillipe
Does this series play more like SF or VF/Tekken?
Timeerased Games
Timeerased Games 7 days ago
faster than SF but on a 2D plane still. Mechanics are quite different but theres loads of tutorial missions to learn
Grim1952 8 days ago
SF, it's a 2d fighter with motion inputs.
adrash kandpal
adrash kandpal 8 days ago
we are at peace it's my line ?
and what is it? is it a movie or a tv show? where is gameplay?
Jupiter aka jupy
Jupiter aka jupy 8 days ago
Cross play?
Jupiter aka jupy
Jupiter aka jupy 8 days ago
@LS hopefully i don't want to buy on Playstation cuz i have Pc and have stopped using my Playstation for the most part in terms of online games but I know alot of fighting games would benefit from cross play
LS 8 days ago
Hopefully, they're still looking into it
Clemente Ramirez
Clemente Ramirez 8 days ago
Pretty drop. But one thing. The world needs testament.
_ Electric Blues _
GG never disappoints! 💙
Heitor Games
Heitor Games 8 days ago
A história parece bem legal, mas quero ver o gameplay pra saber se presta.
RockV87 8 days ago
Series’s been out for so long and I still haven’t seen the fated battle between sol and that man, and I think they should’ve add more gears as fighters instead of humans.