7 Upcoming PlayStation VR Games | PS VR 

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These seven upcoming PS VR games are ready to take you on action-packed, time-traveling, 3D-puzzling adventures.

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Jun 3, 2021




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Exitz-_- 6 days ago
Exitz-_- 6 days ago
Exitz-_- 6 days ago
Where is my PeytNCool
Fares Ouday
Fares Ouday 6 days ago
no vrchat i pass.
Kelvin Veloso
Kelvin Veloso 6 days ago
Play tem um cara q me xingou dms tem como banir ele o nik e los_kevin
Mitch 7 days ago
puzzle bobble vr looks schliiiiiick finally i have a backlog of games !
Adriano Reis
Adriano Reis 7 days ago
Neste ano fui sacaneado. Cadastrei minha conta da PSN no Player Celebration e apareceu a confirmação do cadastro. Porém, não recebi nenhuma recompensa até o momento. Eu joguei bastante, ganhei troféus, ajudei a comunidade. Não é justo, Sony!?
Bisteca Plays *-*
Where is Pavlov?
_TylerRR_ 7 days ago
I really hope PSVR 2 is suitable for PSVR youtubers. No black borders on the side and recorded in 1080p, would be amazing for me and a lot of other people
Calvin MacDonald
Calvin MacDonald 8 days ago
sony fix the cmos battery issue that will make our physical and digital games useless on the ps4 in the future. people didnt spend thousands of dollars on your system just for it to be a brick!!!!!!! his practice is illegal and can result in a lawsuit.
jxdgamer 8 days ago
My psvr broke recently so it's sad to see these great I could've played
Kalder 8 days ago
I bet PSVR1 games will be backwards compatible with PSVR2
justice Mold
justice Mold 9 days ago
Hey PlayStation can you tell the people that made hitman 3 to fix it for ps5
Flipx 10 days ago
Guys PlayStation ban people who just say free Palestine dude ! PlayStation are Zionist let’s go for pc or Nintendo f Zionist and free Palestine
Mikkel Hübschmann
Mikkel Hübschmann 10 days ago
Is it free
M S R 10 days ago
I ak just waiting for ps vr 2 to cone out then I will ditch Oculus 2.
Please release firmware updates to make these games backwards compatible with the new upcoming headset!
Nasr Alzubi
Nasr Alzubi 10 days ago
Plz assistance I have ps now but stream does not work my account is USA and i am in Jordan although my internet speed is more than 5 Mbps
Ye Zay Ya
Ye Zay Ya 11 days ago
COOL RIDERS of FF 11 days ago
Can u send me a ps5😢
Michael Felton
Michael Felton 11 days ago
paper beasts is awesome
Psychodisco 11 days ago
Ordered my psvr adaptor for ps5 2 months ago and it still hasn't arrived.
Music2Anime 11 days ago
Finally, some non shooters.
Who opened a USlift channel to buy a PlayStation 5😂😂
GM Kontich
GM Kontich 11 days ago
Congratulations, it was nil
The GameCat's out of the Gluebag-ger
decisions decisions, bah, think i'll just buy all of 'em. Can't wait!!
Jupiter Skies
Jupiter Skies 11 days ago
Awesome games for PSVR! This will keep me busy until PSVR2. Show us the PSVR2 Sony, we are waiting!
Relity 11 days ago
Getting excited for psvr 2
Cellardoor 11 days ago
Give me a more advanced VR experience with PSVR2 and we'll talk. Also.. why aren't there more PvP games?? Or an MMO? That's what we all want!
Juan Antonio Pascual
I am waiting PS VR 2 to buy a PS5...
Rayza NC
Rayza NC 11 days ago
bring on PSVR2! Hopefully it's shown off properly at E3
OttoT 11 days ago
Yeah Half Life Alex....nope.
Rayza NC
Rayza NC 11 days ago
It will come to PSVR2 im sure
DissTrackted GameCat
Sony, you better do a MUCH better job with the scalpers for PSVR 2!
DissTrackted GameCat
I don't even have a PS5 and yet the minute PSVR 2 is available for pre orders, I'm getting it. I'm not making the same mistake twice.
Kalder 8 days ago
​@Don’t duh ugh me duh ugh, he didn't say that.
Don’t duh ugh me
Waiting a few months to a year to get a fully realized and designed VR headset?....well you’ll be more than likely disappointed then.
SkootDiggity 11 days ago
I just can't get excited for ps4 vr games anymore.
mo fun VR
mo fun VR 11 days ago
supernuce 👍👍👍 Sniper Elite VR 🤗
Mohaxx1700 11 days ago
Hey playstation why close ps3 store why
Héctor YT
Héctor YT 11 days ago
They dont gonna close it
Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez 11 days ago
Let’s gooooo
Sukant Sondhi
Sukant Sondhi 11 days ago
Dude even a VR trailer is out. Can I have a PS5 now😂😂. PlayStation please gift me a PS5😁😁.
Not Joel
Not Joel 11 days ago
WindBlade 11 days ago
If vr takes over gaming 100% I'll quit gaming. Or I'll just play old tv games.
WindBlade 11 days ago
@Robert Miller ah man I feel you bro, ive been there. Used to have to bring my ps4 all the way to the library to update stuff and then have to wait hours for their slow internet.
Robert Miller
Robert Miller 11 days ago
@WindBlade Man you dont wanna know how many times I hauled my whole setup to town just to update No Man's Sky.
WindBlade 11 days ago
@Retro Entertainment I just can't see my self with a vr on my head for my sessions I like my chair. And just not drawn to the idea anyways.
Retro Entertainment
@WindBlade you have to try other games the thing about racing game that they are very restricted
WindBlade 11 days ago
@Robert Miller ah man I understand you completely, I used live in the woods too with no internet, so glad I moved to the city
ParanoidThalyy 11 days ago
Hopefully these come to PS4 too, they look very cool
ParanoidThalyy 11 days ago
@justin-time-bs - thanks for letting me know
justin-time-bs -
justin-time-bs - 11 days ago
@ParanoidThalyy there aren't PS5 VR Games till the PSVR2 comes out
ParanoidThalyy 11 days ago
@justin-time-bs - Thought they were PS5 games
justin-time-bs -
justin-time-bs - 11 days ago
These are ps4 games
Two Dogs and a Dingo
Honestly should just make a full fledged Spider-Man Vr game. Ironman was fantastic and shows there is a large audience for such a game already don't know why they wait.
Mark S
Mark S 11 days ago
I think they are waiting to make it a psvr2 launch title.
Tradition 12 days ago
This is setting the stage nicely for PS5 era VR. I’ll be checking some of these out on my well worn original PS VR.
Johnny Ryepop the stray cat
Keep this up Sony. Loving the content coming at the sunset of the psvr’s life. Waiting ever so patiently for the psvr 2. If there is any gamecats in here. Do your thang.
Iskadar 12 days ago
Finally VR
MsUltraBob 12 days ago
Psvr is great I don’t play it as much as normal games but the second I’m in I love it. Super hyped for the Psvr2 higher resolution and better move controller will be a game changer for me.
Jared Proctor
Jared Proctor 7 days ago
Gonna have a camera built into it too so no more being out of the play area. Gonna be so much better
Tomi 421
Tomi 421 8 days ago
@MsUltraBob united states moment
MsUltraBob 8 days ago
@Tomi 421 already have one.
Tomi 421
Tomi 421 8 days ago
you need ps5
Roy Hoy!
Roy Hoy! 12 days ago
PSVR 2 plz!
Relity 11 days ago
GeneAlex P
GeneAlex P 12 days ago
hoho hopefully PSVR2 is around the corner cause I want the next gen. got Farpoint would really like to play it with next gen VR gear.
La manzana kawaii
La manzana kawaii 12 days ago
Spikey 12 days ago
Psvr! 👐
ADM 12 days ago
Disappointing, but whatever.
TheSherlockHokage 11 days ago
Then why comment?
Alparslan İhtiyaroglu
After the fall!
Neo Baggins
Neo Baggins 12 days ago
Give me PSVR 2! I sold my PSVR when it couldn’t compete with my og vive. I’ve got hopes for the new hardware with my PS5 though
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher 12 days ago
Thank you PlayStation for not changing your profile picture or banner by this f# month!!
Shadow Killer1711
Shadow Killer1711 12 days ago
Looks amazing but give us some release dates rather than just “summer 2021”
Grimmjon OG
Grimmjon OG 12 days ago
I haven't gone VR yet, but I definitely will when PSVR2 comes out.
Huj Mamin
Huj Mamin 11 days ago
I have psvr1 but its uncomfortable, lenses are sweating, unfunctional power button voodoo is even more uncomfortable, but i would deffinately bought psvr2 or even psvr1.2
Nicholas Likos
Nicholas Likos 11 days ago
I have PSVR on PS4/PS5 and it’s great for VR gaming. Can’t wait for PSVR2
mason hitt
mason hitt 11 days ago
Th3N8tiveMan 11 days ago
Same boat over here
Bola de Mazapán
Bola de Mazapán 12 days ago
Rockstar: GTA Vr
Mr 777
Mr 777 12 days ago
BRODEN S. 12 days ago
aye lets go
The Gaming G.O.A.T
The Gaming G.O.A.T 12 days ago
So many PSVR trailers today!😃
Knute 12 days ago
We need PSVR2
PortCityTider 12 days ago
give us PSVR2
prachi ugale
prachi ugale 12 days ago
LEGEND_OF_POTATO 12 days ago
Bro this was 1 min ago
Keith Cousins
Keith Cousins 12 days ago
…and there’s no remedy for memory….
Keith Cousins
Keith Cousins 11 days ago
@Nightflash28 @kirkcousins8 likes that
Nightflash28 11 days ago
Making progress, Keith! A comment not mentioning that a new video is up. We believe in you, Keith! You can do it!
Retro Entertainment
Nobody likes you
Pwe Isn
Pwe Isn 12 days ago
kevgret 12 days ago
lets go!!!
Keith Cousins
Keith Cousins 11 days ago
@ParanoidThalyy Speak up, I can’t hear you
ParanoidThalyy 11 days ago
@Keith Cousins hobo
Keith Cousins
Keith Cousins 12 days ago
My new video is up 😏