Fortnite - Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass Trailer | PS5, PS4 

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Alien forces have infiltrated the Island while Doctor Slone leads the Imagined Order forces against them.

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Jun 8, 2021




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mustafah muhammad
mustafah muhammad 11 hours ago
Drop 10 Ben 10 Aliens then I'll play again
Jacoby Sloan
Jacoby Sloan Day ago
This looks like that covid video with rick saving the day with mr. Incredible and CJ
The2ndscientistngamer 1
Im still default skin but savin up on vbucks from the free battle pass
Jake Stevens
Jake Stevens Day ago
At least they haven't touched Doctor Who, that's already killing itself without all of this!
L TAYLOR 3 days ago
Fortnite has Lost its identity.
*ShyJUSTFINE* 4 days ago
Oh gosh seeing Rick there make it’s weird
إسلام 4 days ago
Why is the ps5 not working in real 4K and 120 fake frames? Why?
CoolDrama Alpha
CoolDrama Alpha 4 days ago
When will Epic Games update "Save the World" mode in Fortnite, but of them is the same.
Fadlessmojo77 5 days ago
I only want the rick skin
kassim j. powell
kassim j. powell 5 days ago
What happened to the scene of Superman running around with his gun and pickaxe? ⛏️ 😑
Exotic muffin juice
I legit thought the bunny was mad for a sec
hitmanm818 5 days ago
Where's Goku?
krisp 5 days ago
Me looking for who asked for rick to be added
lil duckie
lil duckie 6 days ago
Why Rick and Morty they are adult show
Derek Stewart
Derek Stewart 6 days ago
Don't show superman with a gun though.
Literally Who
Literally Who 6 days ago
Janky from superplastic?
Adyn Wright
Adyn Wright 6 days ago
Wow it takes one pewdiepie video about aliens and boom epics like yes MONEY
ЯЙЦЕЗЕБР 6 days ago
This game is 💩
ШРЕК 6 days ago
F*ck this f*cking game
ЯЙЦЕЗЕБР 6 days ago
Gloom Bartender
Gloom Bartender 6 days ago
Rick Sanchez the only reason i looked
Gloom Bartender
Gloom Bartender 6 days ago
Side Note: "Litsen up we dont have much time" Rick know where he is hes in a simulation in a simulation
Kesh White
Kesh White 6 days ago
hEy iT's tHaT oLd sCiEnTiSt gUy fRoM fOrtNiTe
Cookie 6 days ago
What is this game
Real Waifu Problems
Imagine if we got the original 2010 fortnite which was a open world survival then this season dropped.. it would've hit different.
Fatih Özbektaş
Fatih Özbektaş 6 days ago
ps5 best game
HeyitsmeUzi 6 days ago
Season 7 HYPE
Gavin Crary
Gavin Crary 6 days ago
This game ruins everything
Renato Salazar
Renato Salazar 6 days ago
PlayStation te quiero hacer una pregunta cuándo van a sacar horizon forbidden west
itsaboi 6 days ago
It hurts...
João Vitor Cabral Da Silva
Could you give me a ps5 
Play Station Access
I recommend *BASECRACKK* on instagram he is a PlayStation associate he got available stock for sell at retail price
Brian Bread
Brian Bread 6 days ago
It's cool to see GUGGIMON in this
Freddy Fazbear Productions
Ten vbucks says that the invasion is from brainiac
Hououin Kyoma
Hououin Kyoma 6 days ago
*Wow, Rick looks so happy about being part of Fortnite...*
Samuel 卍 M
Samuel 卍 M 6 days ago
Alguien qe comparta su cuenta americana con cold war? Necesito terminar el pase y qedan pocos dias
Samuel 卍 M
Samuel 卍 M 6 days ago
Alguien qe comparta su cuenta americana con cold war? Necesito terminar el pase y qedan pocos dias
Samuel 卍 M
Samuel 卍 M 6 days ago
Alguien qe comparta su cuenta americana con cold war? Necesito terminar el pase y qedan pocos dias
Samuel 卍 M
Samuel 卍 M 6 days ago
Alguien qe comparta su cuenta americana con cold war? Necesito terminar el pase y qedan pocos dias
El- Hadj
El- Hadj 6 days ago
This is probably the most Anticipated & Unexpected Croosover i ever saw. Rick & Superman in Fortnite. lol. edit: Im hoping for Mortal Kombat to be in Fortnite next.
tyshawn fertil
tyshawn fertil 6 days ago
We’re almost there boys, we’re one step closer to getting a Dababy skin
A. Joseph Mantilla
Who’s next? Nausicaä?
NEOMERCER 7 days ago
It's more fun to watch these collaborations than it actually is to play this game these days. Fortnite has just evolved so much that it honestly isn't really that fun anymore. There is just so much going on between the bots being added, the quests, the NPC's, etc. I just miss season 4 when things were simple and we were all excited about the visitor.
MeleePsycho 6 days ago
Agreed, this game has changed so much. I miss how it was before
Scumbag Luna
Scumbag Luna 7 days ago
I agree with this. I took a break from the game came back and the game is just so different from how it used to be, I'd call it an entirety different game at this point and lets not get started with how fast the meta in that game has evolved😐
TheGamer 4Fun
TheGamer 4Fun 7 days ago
Remember companies when you cant make your video game popular on its own just put beloved characters from other games and tv shows in it
Lu1435 5 days ago
@DailyDonkey that's the point, I was being sarcastic (that's why I put /s at the end of the message)
DailyDonkey 5 days ago
@Lu1435 bruh fortnite is still one of the most popular games 😂 saying it wasn’t back in ss1 chap 1 is just bs.
Lu1435 6 days ago
Because of course, fortnite wasn't popular before doing collaborations, it hasn't been *at all* one of the most popular games during chapter 1 (2 as well, but less) /s
Lyon Family Gaming
Where’s Will Smith? Im sure this is the trailer for Independence Day….
Humlegard 7 days ago
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez 7 days ago
Brainless Rick Sanchez comments incoming
ItzYaBoyTwan 7 days ago
Fortnite season 5 with Mando was the best
ItzYaBoyTwan 7 days ago
Is it me or every season of Fortnite there is a big hole somewhere in the ground
The SwapMeet Flea
YOU LIKE CROSSOVERS!?!? well, yes and no,ummm, it all depe..... WELL, HERE YOU GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
D.G.M.B 7 days ago
Medal of gaming
Medal of gaming 7 days ago
We have something they dont Rick and Morty!
Exillity gaming
Exillity gaming 7 days ago
I don’t even play this game anymore
Philip C Coggin
Philip C Coggin 7 days ago
Fortnite went shopping at Hot Topic and came back with all the pop culture refs
Vesrp 7 days ago
Still waiting on Peter Griffin
Daniel DrawStar
Daniel DrawStar 6 days ago
I think Sponge Bob is next😂
Thedarkness 989
Thedarkness 989 6 days ago
spyderken 7 days ago
Is Ratchet in this? I feel like he'd fit in real well in this game
Flavio Jr. Flores
I feel like they’re gonna add him, since A Rift Apart comes out this week.
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher 7 days ago
Hi guys
Vanilla Butternut
No way they added Guggimon
Mkarma11YT 7 days ago
Pinta bien esta nueva season gg
OMAR YT 7 days ago
Bro this looks trash af
Chalk0073 7 days ago
We better get Mulder and Scully skins this season.
fruitzurk 7 days ago
psh, I’ve seen better.
Man i wish they didn't do so many crossovers
Its Dawn
Its Dawn 7 days ago
Now kids watching rick and morty would be like: MaMa ThAt iS tHe GuY fRoM fOrTnItE
Big Man
Big Man 7 days ago
they ran out of ideas so they’re just getting guest characters
Paco FPS
Paco FPS 7 days ago
Is this the new save the world update ?
Gato Facha
Gato Facha 7 days ago
YT Battle
YT Battle 7 days ago
Fortnite is cringe
thaderpydog 7 days ago
just give us a DC SEASON PLZ
Nolan Hassaan
Nolan Hassaan 7 days ago
I love you PlayStation I have your PS5 and I play fortnite on it I am getting the battlepass tonight hype
JF 7 days ago
The soulless cash machine that is this game just keeps on churning huh?
Eberth Kreiss
Eberth Kreiss 7 days ago
This game is a joke
Paul Barron
Paul Barron 7 days ago
Chop chop
Violet Pea
Violet Pea 7 days ago
Do people still play this game... the last time i played was in chapter 1 season 7 lol
Lu1435 6 days ago
Yeah, just go to the fortnitebr subreddit for example
Violet Pea
Violet Pea 7 days ago
@Scumbag Luna unpopular opinion but Apex is a faaaaaar better game
Scumbag Luna
Scumbag Luna 7 days ago
Last time i played and had fun playing this game was season 6
Nabila Najihah
Nabila Najihah 7 days ago
Rick Sanchez make the game better
Insane_ Floorotex
Rick slaughters aliens and here he is in fortnite 😂
SuperFnafBros 7 days ago
Remember back In the day we would hide in a bush so the enemies don’t get us? Now we are being abducted by aliens
Retro Entertainment
@SuperFnafBros do you play warzone
SuperFnafBros 6 days ago
@Retro Entertainment yeah now that we are a day into this new season most of us have gotten used to it
Retro Entertainment
@SuperFnafBros it’s not that confusing
Tranquility 6 days ago
People still do that, in fact people do that more because of bigger bushes
I make Rice
I make Rice 6 days ago
Fr only OGs will understand
Foguinho Games
Foguinho Games 7 days ago
Wabalaba... dub dub?
Happiness & Vitality
What is even fortnite anymore
OG509 7 days ago
Bro I'm so confused about this game
Rick looks like an addon for Gmod.
AFKMH23 7 days ago
Better than what he would look like if they made him look like an actual fortnite character
Batman lel
Batman lel 7 days ago
@Razor Cheaple
Razor 7 days ago
male_07 in Fortnite when?
La Von Hawkins
La Von Hawkins 7 days ago
I hate fortnite but I love Rick
Andoni AR
Andoni AR 7 days ago
Rick sanchez!!!!
Vero_vento alt account
Cant wait to see rick do the most LGBTQ dances. We already violated kratos.
Vero_vento alt account
@Lu1435 I mean I be seeing the manliest characters do the most feminine dancing in the game.
Lu1435 6 days ago
I still wonder how you managed to fit the term lgbtq in your comment, because it has absolutely nothing to do with the game.
Vero_vento alt account
@Razor it all makes sense.
Razor 7 days ago
At least it’s canon for Rick. cuz multiverse
The Street Fighter
Fortnite trying to make adult shows seem kid-friendly.
siberiandante 6 days ago
John Wick has entered the chat.
Light Sprite
Light Sprite 6 days ago
@Jonah Brown *kid-friendly*
Jonah Brown
Jonah Brown 7 days ago
Well Rick and morty, family guy, and shows like that is 14 and up
Joshua Levine
Joshua Levine 7 days ago
What is this game😂
Finn22 Studio
Finn22 Studio 7 days ago
Sandhiren Pillay
Sandhiren Pillay 7 days ago
Y'all got Superman and Rick Sanchez on your team I'm sure you'll be perfectly fine, chill even.
Michael 7 days ago
I turned myself into a fortnite skin Morty. I'm fortnite skin Rick!
roghit srinivasan
wait they are still milking it?
Geobot 3000
Geobot 3000 6 days ago
Yes... yes they are
Sir Snipington
Sir Snipington 7 days ago
Bruh I haven’t played fortnite since 2019 and this is what it has become...
Antonio Soto
Antonio Soto 7 days ago
Remember in 2007 when Sonic was announced for Smash Bros and the fans went wild? Nobody would even imagine the cross over potential in future games! "What a time to be alive" younger me said. 14 years later you can now play a game with Super Man, Rick Sanchez, John Wick and a Banana in it.
Austinex1 7 days ago
I feel like the game has become something that has lost its original identity completely, I get crossovers but at this point fortnite doesn’t feel like it’s own game but just a jumble of references and crossovers to make money
Austinex1 6 days ago
@Retro Entertainment Sure other games do crossovers, but not nearly to the extent that fortnite does it, other games still retain the sense that it’s their own game while including other games or media but fortnite does it constantly and way more.
Retro Entertainment
But we act like many games don’t do this which is something about Fortnite haters all points they make about Fortnite being bad is present in all games they do like
Philip C Coggin
Philip C Coggin 7 days ago
Hot Topic, the game. Think about it!
Aaron 7 days ago
@Razor he edited his comment
Moon Knight
Moon Knight 7 days ago
@Aaron How is that Reddit? He just gave his opinions and it's not like he typed "fOrTnItE mAdE sUpErMaN"
Любовь Al uwu.
DKM M 7 days ago
Superman, okay I’m playing now.
LF Drumming
LF Drumming 7 days ago
We want a superman game! WB: Here’s superman, in a game, that you most likely won’t ever play!
Jaden Guzman
Jaden Guzman 7 days ago
@LF Drumming it already exist
claytoncd 7 days ago
Play superman 64
LF Drumming
LF Drumming 7 days ago
@Mr Bruh I do but tbh I would’ve preferred an actual superman game. The dream continues.
Mr Bruh
Mr Bruh 7 days ago
Wdym I wanna play suicide squad
Jaden Guzman
Jaden Guzman 7 days ago
Rvger 7 days ago
I want death
TeaWithGrandma 7 days ago
why tf is rick in fortnite ffs
Gianluca Sabatini
LOL Samus was DEFINITELY supposed to be here, would’ve totally been highlighted instead of Superman
The Legit Excalibur
Nintendo hates non-nintendo. Just the way they are.
jonathan herrera alvares
Que pedo con rick jajaaj
Barbie Bitch
Barbie Bitch 7 days ago
Please, this game is just a huge advertisement. 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄
Beaswood 9999
Beaswood 9999 7 days ago
I don't play fortnite i just watch these trailer cuz im envious of the crossovers hehehe