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Military online action War Thunder just got a major "Red Skies" update. Players can now try out Rank 7 aviation including MiG-23M for USSR and F-5E Tiger II for USA, new ground vehicles like T-80BVM and Marder A1, commander sights mechanics, two new maps and many other additions.

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Jun 3, 2021




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Terabyter 4 days ago
Where is the Gaijin market place????
YourCousinLiam 6 days ago
Except it requires thousands of hours or thousands of dollars to play anything they showed in this trailer. Very very misleading
Calvin MacDonald
Calvin MacDonald 8 days ago
sony fix the cmos battery issue that will make our physical and digital games useless on the ps4 in the future. people didnt spend thousands of dollars on your system just for it to be a brick!!!!!!! his practice is illegal and can result in a lawsuit.
Rowe Magnon
Rowe Magnon 10 days ago
They copied the battlefield theme music lol
mematy alganas
mematy alganas 11 days ago
Very nice
8 bit gamer
8 bit gamer 11 days ago
WOTCB take note. THIS is how you do an update.
Who opened a USlift channel to buy a PlayStation 5😂😂
مين فاتح قناه في اليوتيوب عشان يشتري بلايستيشن 5😂😂
Karim Mohamed
Karim Mohamed 11 days ago
Kyyo Jr
Kyyo Jr 11 days ago
Who plays war thunder on PS4 and PS5?
Insan3 11 days ago
"Victory is ours" if you pay for it.
marcel marcel
marcel marcel 11 days ago
Ps 6 trailer in 2023 plis
Lord Boross
Lord Boross 11 days ago
"Victory is ours", says the scalpers. ROFLMAO
shutter 11 days ago
tank plane simulator.
Zie 2279
Zie 2279 11 days ago
Ps5 ssd slot internal update on?
user name
user name 11 days ago
Worst game I’ve ever played
Darlight 11 days ago
Вот есть два вопроса руководству сони! Почему они портируют свои эксклюзивы на PC, вместо того, чтобы портировать особо популярные и интересные игры с предыдущих поколений? Например "twisted metal small brawl", "Asura's Wrath", "The Darkness". Где игры на одном экране, на одной приставке? Неужели не видно как популярна Fifa, от части это из-за этой функции. Теряется важная часть всех приставок, а именно живая игра с сидящим рядом другом. Если консоль не вытягивает мощную графику для двоих, сделайте её проще. А того набора, что предлагают сейчас недостаточно.
Crysis 2021
Crysis 2021 11 days ago
Playstation 5 Pro 2026
Ffhh Fvh
Ffhh Fvh 11 days ago
Is this game still live ?
Karol Kotowski
Karol Kotowski 11 days ago
Yes and usually has between 70,000-100,000 players so it's not bad
Rudra Pratap
Rudra Pratap 11 days ago
Sir My name is Rudra Pratap Singh want to know that when you release [Uncharted: The Lost Legacy 2017] for PC, sir i am biggest fan of this game and i want to play this game but on today date it is only available for PlayStation, and I am not able to afford PlayStation because it is to costly for me , so please make solution and release on pc as soon as possible At last, THANK YOU
Razor11099 11 days ago
Victory is yours, If you fight for it.
Zhou Yongkang
Zhou Yongkang 11 days ago
If sony does not stop scalpers from getting ps5s ill either kill the scalpers or sony staff. haha
LazarBeam Fan
LazarBeam Fan 11 days ago
Hey are there no free games this month?
A P 11 days ago
Many games comes and go but my best ever is resident evil 4
Giorgio Alexis
Giorgio Alexis 11 days ago
FULL!! Bugs
علي العراقي
علي موحان 🤣😅😆😃😀😂🙂🤩🤩😘😘😗😚😚🥰🥰🥰😇🙃🙂🤩😘😘😘🤩😍😀😀🙂🙂🤩😘😘😘🙃🙃😘😘🤩🤩😘😘😘😘😘😗☺☺😙😙☺😗😗
sparta ps4
sparta ps4 11 days ago
Sony the best player PS4 🙂👍 is ps5 game
Johnny Martinez
Johnny Martinez 11 days ago
SCOTT William820
SCOTT William820 11 days ago
the trailer is cool but what if you add Godzilla to it
marijan mlinac
marijan mlinac 11 days ago
plizz capcom rezident evle 9 play rous ps5 exšli in ps5 no pc no xbox ps5 4k
Savior 1332
Savior 1332 11 days ago
I’d be more inclined to buy this game or any game if the showed more actual gameplay and less cut scenes
Minifridge 11 days ago
1. The game is free 2. These aren’t cutscenes, they are cinematics of gameplay
TyphoonHD 11 days ago
They dont because if the ps2 like graphics
Enhanced Monster
Enhanced Monster 11 days ago
Cant wait to spend $30+ or 100+ hours just to get these planes
YourCousinLiam 6 days ago
Missing some 0's there
Maus 11 days ago
1000 hours to rank 7
TROPtastic 11 days ago
The USAF F-5C shown in this video is actually $60 US, so even more expensive. Each of the modern jets and tanks are basically $50 or $60, not including the time/cost to grind modules for them.
Constable Dodo
Constable Dodo 11 days ago
Why are still hearing the Inception horn in trailers still, over a decade later??
Adriel Outspoken
Adriel Outspoken 11 days ago
Why do they always use church music for these trailers lol
PARAGUAYO YT 11 days ago
No entender 🤡
Snow Puddle
Snow Puddle 11 days ago
you wont be able tp control any of these without putting tons of time and money into this game
Viet_Cong_ Momiji
Viet_Cong_ Momiji 11 days ago
@Snow Puddle yes that 4 year grind of F2P was kinda pain Not only that I chose Japan as my starting nation for who knows what
CMDR Rademenes
CMDR Rademenes 11 days ago
It's possible to achieve everything without spending any money, but yeah it consumes a lot of time.
Snow Puddle
Snow Puddle 11 days ago
@Viet_Cong_ Momiji without money even more time and grown ups dont have that time
Viet_Cong_ Momiji
Viet_Cong_ Momiji 11 days ago
Well time yes Money.... Debatable Cuz I'm still F2P at top tier tanks
John Hatchell
John Hatchell 11 days ago
I know. I wish they had an arcade mode with everything unlocked and just save the alternate versions and upgrades for regular arcade and games. The only way you can fly it without hundreds of hours or hundreds of dollars is a test flight with no enemies.
Brandon T.
Brandon T. 11 days ago
Love WT but just bad at it now. I'm a lone wolf with no friends to play with.
WizardBoy79 9 days ago
Bro I got you! What’s your friend code?
DerHalbeEuro 11 days ago
Ugly Smartphone Game Not PS5
Andrew Vorobej
Andrew Vorobej 11 days ago
I wish Gaijin had bigger team so this game could be more polished in terms of graphics ui and console performance. Person responsible for their trailers already has great skills.
LeRoiSinge 11 days ago
wow this Battelfield 6 trailer is sick.
Brent Thompson
Brent Thompson 11 days ago
Vlady Putin baby
HELLJUMPER 11 days ago
0:30 that’s sounds so BATTLEFIELD
Brahms Lezama
Brahms Lezama 11 days ago
This is a new Game o Movie?
MegaCaptcha 11 days ago
I saw "war" in the title i almost panicked
Gipsy _3O3
Gipsy _3O3 11 days ago
V llasty
V llasty 11 days ago
TblAPECTOBAH PS5 11 days ago
Looks awesome
Derek Ho 2013's
Derek Ho 2013's 11 days ago
From the team who bought you ace combat and lethal skies series
مغــلق 11 days ago
I just wish I had a playstation even if it was 4😢❤️
Orlando 11 days ago
This looks SICK
W. Zanbagi
W. Zanbagi 11 days ago
Is this game supported with trophy's ?
Frauden 2020
Frauden 2020 11 days ago
How about updating the graphics on ps5
Mohamed Sewilam
Mohamed Sewilam 11 days ago
why u guys so late update been out for more than a day
FullyCharged 11 days ago
Nice theft of the Battlefield theme song riff.
Lazersharp 02
Lazersharp 02 10 days ago
I mean, battlefield stole it from the terminator movies…
nikolai belinski
nikolai belinski 10 days ago
Lol for second i thought this is battlefield 6 trailer
Mcgarnagle 11 days ago
Lol i was thinking the same thing
otscheeey 11 days ago
Did they just partly rip off the Battlefield theme song??
nldanielz 11 days ago
1:10 sus
Ivo Dabo
Ivo Dabo 11 days ago
This is war
Dylan Crack
Dylan Crack 11 days ago
0:31 to 0:38 hmmmmm. Is that not a hint of the battlefield theme
Holy D
Holy D 11 days ago
I thought the same XD
Imsal Ali oglou
Imsal Ali oglou 11 days ago
Me:What a nice update i can't wait for it Again me: rang 1 plane
Oenilloc 11 days ago
Норм реклама, кто то сильно инвестировал )) вложился
CoreyBman Playz
CoreyBman Playz 11 days ago
Warthunder: We're Releasing New Vehicles!!! Also Warthunder: We're Gonna Release New Vehicles but NEVER ACTUALLY Fix The Game. 👍🏻😁
CoreyBman Playz
CoreyBman Playz 11 days ago
And A Better Economic System
Bedo Chicco
Bedo Chicco 11 days ago
@TNS_Trigger oh ok I feel bad for you
TNS_Trigger 11 days ago
@Bedo Chicco it’s a bug that is not happening with everybody I am one of the unlucky ones
Bedo Chicco
Bedo Chicco 11 days ago
How is there low textures it's perfect if it had a low texture I would have noticed it
elgordomilanga98 11 days ago
@Bedo Chicco the game Is working normally but the AAA, helicópters and some planes (ITP-1M)) are so desbalanced
Tomáš Kořínek
Tomáš Kořínek 11 days ago
Gaijin should change the sounds, the previous ones were better.
Sotero A. Gomez
Sotero A. Gomez 11 days ago
Testing Player
Testing Player 11 days ago
wow alot of boom
Yasir Ahmed
Yasir Ahmed 11 days ago
Stupid physics and very poor effects
Trevon 11 days ago
When is the new pack going to be available
Hasan Mirza
Hasan Mirza 11 days ago
I bet soldiers will play this on the army
Mohamed Baradji
Mohamed Baradji 11 days ago
This soldier right here definitely will
Mac Welch
Mac Welch 11 days ago
Looks awesome
VarkQuan 11 days ago
Dr.Medic man of medicine
I wish my plane and tank textures on the PS4 weren't 140p whenever I play
Ramo T.
Ramo T. 11 days ago
@Dr.Medic man of medicine everything can be fixed. its just that some problems take more time than others to be solved
Dr.Medic man of medicine
@Ramo T. they should tell us if they can't fix it. It's honestly driving me insane and makes me so angry when I fly CAS in ground rb
Tomáš Kořínek
Tomáš Kořínek 11 days ago
@FINAL1DY Indeed, it started with "New Power" update
Ramo T.
Ramo T. 11 days ago
@Dr.Medic man of medicine or maybe they havent found out how to fix it. Its way more complicated than it seems going back through tens ouf thousands of lines of code only to see a specific problem. But I really hope they found a way to fix it
Dr.Medic man of medicine
@Sov No. It's happening on the PS5 as well. And it's not because of the ps4. Some games it will load fine but others most of the time it's pixelated. It's because gaijin refuses to fix this really annoying bug.
eefct 11 days ago
why did u have to do this now my friend is gonna keep playing im switching to Xbox
GamingWaalie 11 days ago
aww Ali99
aww Ali99 11 days ago
I love bee town 🐝 and fish town 🐟
Yesssssss I have war thunder
Felix Leiter
Felix Leiter 11 days ago
Where is 1440p support for ps5?
Ramo T.
Ramo T. 11 days ago
@Lenaya Askerman yeah
Lenaya Askerman
Lenaya Askerman 11 days ago
@Dr.Medic man of medicine ps5 can easily handle it in 120fps
Dr.Medic man of medicine
Be grateful you have 60fps. And high quality textured skins on your planes and tanks whenever you play
اســيــر اروح
Karol Floryda
Karol Floryda 11 days ago
isaiah m
isaiah m 11 days ago
@JaySTEEZ uh yes it is. you ever play on movie graphics
Constable Dodo
Constable Dodo 11 days ago
No ur breathtakingly breathtaking major poggers mungus chungus totally sus definitive edition U
Keith Cousins
Keith Cousins 11 days ago
@JaySTEEZ My new video is up 😘
JaySTEEZ 11 days ago
This isn't gameplay
Mahdi Maddi
Mahdi Maddi 11 days ago
Agustin Jai
Agustin Jai 11 days ago
Primer comentario
AMERHOSEN M 11 days ago
uptenpo 11 days ago
I love PS4
DRAGON gaming 82
DRAGON gaming 82 11 days ago
Can't wait have to grind American jets
RIOT FUBAR 11 days ago
*pay for*
Siohio 11 days ago
AmarFelipV12 Fornait
No mamaes
alex ziga
alex ziga 11 days ago
Serdar_ Fortnite
Serdar_ Fortnite 11 days ago
Delta_Ghost06 11 days ago
TicTac_42 11 days ago
Trevon 11 days ago
DRAGON gaming 82
DRAGON gaming 82 11 days ago