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Human Life is Wiped Out. Earth is Now a Golf Course for the Ultra-Rich. Welcome to Golf Club: Wasteland. Play through an artistic apocalypse as you piece together the fall of humanity at the hands of consumerism, Silicon Valley culture, and ecological disaster, all while a smooth-talking radio DJ broadcasting from Mars tries to remind you that life on the red planet ain't so bad.

Coming to PS4. August 2021.

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Jun 9, 2021




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ALLYN TV Day ago
this is such a unique concept
Jiggly Bumflesh
Jiggly Bumflesh 2 days ago
1:27 "COVFEFE" Nice 😂
D. Tesneair
D. Tesneair 3 days ago
White people like feeling bad - Patrice O'Neal
kuaikukia 4 days ago
When you want to be pro golfer and nobody stands in your way even apocalypse on earth
Odis Peterley D.
Odis Peterley D. 5 days ago
"covfefe" at 1:27 lol
Tom Hurule
Tom Hurule 5 days ago
I watched this because it has some building from Alan Walker
Kristopher Borden
A game made by a group of people that are eternally offended by other people’s successes. I’ll pass.
Mr. Max
Mr. Max 5 days ago
Круть неимоверная!
Maaden_Swe 5 days ago
The covfefe sign, lol
Gamer Bamban
Gamer Bamban 5 days ago
Meh *Tokyo Jungle* had a more interesting & better executed premise
joelface 5 days ago
Looks clever and fun. Might take a little bit more going on to get me excited about it though. I'm definitely intrigued though.
Azman Abdul Rahman
not that interesting.. but maybe appeal to some people..
AY AY RON 5 days ago
Boy they really just mixing and matching genres now huh
Bobby Bobo
Bobby Bobo 5 days ago
Ya, no
H20 DELUSIONS 5 days ago
They never own clon
Magnus 02
Magnus 02 5 days ago
Já zerei, muito bom
Xander Park
Xander Park 5 days ago
Imagine actually wanting this? 🤣
Maaden_Swe 4 days ago
I want it
David King
David King 5 days ago
Aali Guy
Aali Guy 5 days ago
Covfefe?! No thanks!
Watching the World
Looks pretty sick
Strange Solider
Strange Solider 5 days ago
WARNING ⚠️ Headphone USERS 0:54
Wombat 5 days ago
That ball sound effect is too loud
P L 5 days ago
Why does he need a space helmet if there are still animals on Earth like a giraffe?
Michael De Tie
Michael De Tie 5 days ago
Depends how high he can fly.
Daniel McGrath
Daniel McGrath 5 days ago
Could be mutated animals
Nikola 5 days ago
0:42 evo ga nas Beograd, bice on prvi grad da se udavi u govnima koliko nam je cista zemlja, jos samo Rio Tinto da iskopa litijum i mozemo svi kolektivno u picku materinu. Ne izgleda da je neka preteska igra ali ipak svaka cast onima koji su je napravili.
Victor Cardenas
Victor Cardenas 5 days ago
0:38 I think it says “ some will profit from a disaster not you “ 0:53. “Some will build a new way of life. Not you “ 1:17 “ some will buy a way out. Not you” 1:42 “ eat the rich”
PhantomThief 23 hours ago
Also "Covfefe" and "Faux News"
DooT 4 days ago
i saw that too
Victor Cardenas
Victor Cardenas 5 days ago
I’d play it. Got the feeling something bigger is going on.
TheHunter2828 5 days ago
looks pretty cool
lewis4642011 6 days ago
It's like Death Stranding but with actual gameplay
Maaden_Swe 4 days ago
Always hilarious to read Death Stranding comments from people who havent played it
EixAndrews 6 days ago
This doesn't look anything like something I'd play tbh, but the art style looks cool. Props to the creators and designers
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 6 days ago
Looking nice!
rose geller
rose geller 6 days ago
Looks dope!
Chadek Tykva
Chadek Tykva 6 days ago
Why does the building in the thumbnail look like something from World Of Walker.
Stoinks Jay
Stoinks Jay 6 days ago
This looks great and unique.
Thatdeal79 6 days ago
Looks like a super fun smartphone game.
Ryan Mansfield
Ryan Mansfield 5 days ago
Looks like it is, on Android at least. $3
AZBanshee 6 days ago
It’s crazy how people’s imagination works. I never would have thought of someone making a game like this.
Ирина Каземировна
Very interesting ✌️
Dominic Sheehy
Dominic Sheehy 6 days ago
Gimme multiplayer and I'm in
Thiago Reyes
Thiago Reyes 6 days ago
1:39. The cake is a Lie!
joelface 5 days ago
Mathias Boles
Mathias Boles 5 days ago
Nice catch
plomithehuge 6 days ago
This is gorgeous
KingLev5150 6 days ago
I can't wait
RCmies 6 days ago
This reminds me of Olli Olli
Jackson May
Jackson May 6 days ago
I like the art!
Krid Krongyuth
Krid Krongyuth 6 days ago
I can hit Joe from mar now.
Arnell Long
Arnell Long 6 days ago
Not something I'd play, but very unique game...respect to the development team.👍
Arnell Long
Arnell Long 5 days ago
@darryl farmer Because I love videogames and wanted to see exactly what this game was/is about. Any more questions? 🤔
darryl farmer
darryl farmer 5 days ago
Then why are you here?
Sheldon Childs
Sheldon Childs 6 days ago
unique and very interesting
J. J.
J. J. 6 days ago
Building saying "Faux News", another saying "Covfeefe"? Liberals voted for Jim Crow Joe but Trump is the ONLY bad guy..
Dustin French
Dustin French 4 days ago
I wouldn't let it get to you. Covfefe is just a silly word and Faux News doesn't HAVE to represent Fox News. Seems like the devs are just including multiple modern references, like Bitcoin. Take it in stride, I don't get bent out of shape when someone makes fun of one of the politicians for whom I voted.
rose geller
rose geller 6 days ago
U mad
Ben D
Ben D 6 days ago
Muh both sides
J. J.
J. J. 6 days ago
Republicans/Democrats. A distinction without a difference.
Michael De Tie
Michael De Tie 6 days ago
Trump isn't the only bad guy. He's the bad guy this particular dev team wanted to take it to. Go get your own conservative minded team and make an anti liberal game.
joey 6 days ago
looks dope
Stepheng169 6 days ago
Cristian B
Cristian B 5 days ago
@J. J. Remember Trump lost. Your hero is a big fat loser.
J. J.
J. J. 6 days ago
Remember Trump invented white supremacy. Not Jim Crow Joe the savior of illegals & @si@ns.
GUTS 101
GUTS 101 6 days ago
Inspired from I'm legend, I guess!
Steven Seagul
Steven Seagul 6 days ago
I'm just hoping this doesn't have running zombies as well 😔
JETJOOBOY 6 days ago
Woooaah..far out!
These games are so bad lol like I bought a ps5 and there's very few games that aren't like ps2 quality
Sim Pedros
Sim Pedros 5 days ago
@CANAMSHREDDER 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yank kids are so funny
@Sim Pedros yeah you bet buddy that’s why I’ve owned a 24k quad at 16, 50k truck at 18 and make 10k a a month , the 1200 purchase really broke the bank lolol
Sim Pedros
Sim Pedros 5 days ago
You mean your mum bought you a ps5
lewis4642011 6 days ago
Undertale, Among us, Terraria send their regards
Blake Workman
Blake Workman 6 days ago
Every game doesn't need to have groundbreaking graphics. There's some games with incredible graphics but the game itself is terrible.
Pulse_ Silent
Pulse_ Silent 6 days ago
CHARAN SINGH 6 days ago
@Pulse_ Silent So
Pulse_ Silent
Pulse_ Silent 6 days ago
Quando Rondo - S2