Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Franchise Evolution | PS5 

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The Ratchet \u0026 Clank franchise has been a showpiece of tech, visuals and gameplay across four generations of PlayStation consoles. In celebration of the launch of Ratchet \u0026 Clank: Rift Apart, let's take a look at the franchise's evolution since it debuted on PlayStation®2 console in 2002.

Ratchet \u0026 Clank: Rift Apart arrives in this dimension on June 11th, 2021 - exclusively on PlayStation®5 consoles. Pre-Order Now.


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Jun 4, 2021




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King Emerald
King Emerald 8 hours ago
Did anyone not notice the Sunset overdrive reference?
Ali Mohammed Mahdi
What is the OST called?
0:12 tools looks so clean bruh. 😭😭
😭😭 my goat's 👏👏
Vidal Aguilar
Vidal Aguilar 4 days ago
Me gusta el vídeo de los juegos de rachet y clank 😃😃
Spencer Le Blaze
Spencer Le Blaze 4 days ago
Looking forward to playing this, too bad I can't get a system without paying excessively to the scalpers and other 3rd party sellers.
Chanel Gaytan
Chanel Gaytan 4 days ago
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan 4 days ago
Hidden easter egg? So when it shows the ps4 game, only the ps4 game is physical on their shelf. But when it shows the ps5 game, the ps2 games are physical on the shelf along side the ps3 and ps5 game. Why would they dig out their ps2/3 games and have them at their ps5 setup?
Tyler Lund
Tyler Lund 5 days ago
What if you let us play those older games on the PS5? That'd be pretty neat...
Aimbotmain Vz
Aimbotmain Vz 5 days ago
Hopefully this will stay a Playstation exclusive.
Paul Damasio
Paul Damasio 6 days ago
Here's hoping the R&C Future titles get a collection release for PS5/PS4 sometime after the success of Rift Apart.
Stefano Abbondanza
do you doing a dlc with Rivet's Backstory?!
Tam Minh
Tam Minh 6 days ago
the real satisfaction!!
d money
d money 6 days ago
We need resistance to come back
FlyingMitch 6 days ago
Cool glad I got this game to bad I still don’t have to bad I still don’t have the console though
Potato lol
Potato lol 7 days ago
I just want them to port the original trilogy over, Jak & Daxter got that treatment on PS4, why not Ratchet & Clank :(
Tyler Gatewood
Tyler Gatewood 7 days ago
Great!! This is very nostalgic. Now where's our Sly Cooper evolution LET'S SEE A NEW REMASTER! We'd all be so excited PLEASE
Gamer Bamban
Gamer Bamban 7 days ago
I'm more amazed at the evolution of Sony's tvs!
Ninja-Cards14 7 days ago
Yo tell me why Fizzie Is peaking out behind that ratchet and clank game in the 2021 part? SUNSET OVERDRIVE IS COMING!!!
Salman Ali
Salman Ali 7 days ago
Love the trailer! but one thing that I've notice in trailer and no one is talking about..is....Fizzie! (0:24) from Sunset Overdrive! right behind the Ratchet and Clank Future figure!
W4e1 al j
W4e1 al j 7 days ago
Maximus The Wolf Reborn
I’ve been waiting a long time for this😆😁😆
GetWoke GoBroke
GetWoke GoBroke 7 days ago
Lol an exclusive on a console nobody can get.....logic 101
Berto Young
Berto Young 8 days ago
Tyro Clint
Tyro Clint 8 days ago
I like that the plant 🌱 grow larger and riffle each time it switches
Vincent Earth
Vincent Earth 8 days ago
I actually waiting until they release a all in one pack kind of deal like every ratchet and clank game.
Patrick Challita
Patrick Challita 8 days ago
Anyone know where you can buy those ratchet and clank figures/toys?
vivek95 8 days ago
The bigger ones were popular during the PS3 era. Now you get the smaller funko pop figures easily.
The Gamer
The Gamer 8 days ago
All PlayStation studio games will eventually come to PC no need to buy a PS5
ZanFear 8 days ago
Still gotta play this series. I have the HD Collection on Vita, and the "remake" on PS4. Hope they remaster the Future Collection with trophies for PS5.
DeftestAphid20 8 days ago
Give us the trilogy on ps4 and ps5 both the ps2 games and the ps3 games like cmon.
Clint DeMuro
Clint DeMuro 8 days ago
Most people have no way to play this. Thanks Sony!!!!
V8_Power 8 days ago
size matters ?
Loop Scoop
Loop Scoop 8 days ago
I’m beyond ready
Ball-Steve Johnson
They need to come out with a new Jak and Daxter!
Mitsuna 8 days ago
I'm so excited for Rift Apart!! Only 5 days left to go!!
BSS44r 8 days ago
Ratchet & Clank collection for PS5 as well would be nice. :)
Vago 01
Vago 01 9 days ago
And for 2022, PC
Dereck Breuning
Dereck Breuning 9 days ago
Playing a Pixar movie: that’s what this is.
Republika Srpska-BL
come on this game is for ps3 not for 5
INSOMNIAC 9 days ago
Your welcome guys, thank you for the wait, game will be released this week.
Brayden 9 days ago
Play has no limits except when you want to play any of Insomniac's PS2 or PS3 games on modern hardware.
Audrey Strouse // Venango EAS
I can’t WAIT!
Aircholo 9 days ago
All those years and still a virgins
DuduMNT 9 days ago
Here since day 1 , still trying to find a ps5 tho
Draxie Linhangie
Draxie Linhangie 9 days ago
we want it on pc plz!!!
faburisu 9 days ago
Fun fact : You don't have a PS5 , and will not being able to get one in time !
Bowser Zeki
Bowser Zeki 9 days ago
Not just logos even rooms getting simpler...
ExceL 9 days ago
gets me super excited
kent gabucan
kent gabucan 9 days ago
I’d love a jak and daxter or sly cooper version of this when they’re announced.
joel 9 days ago
Playstation how about you bring back these games Backwards compatible
JUXT DAME 9 days ago
I wanna ps vita upgrade
William Kelly
William Kelly 9 days ago
T O 9 days ago
Wow that was a neat ad
Nick Raigoza
Nick Raigoza 9 days ago
I love PlayStations marketing team.
Redline 9 days ago
2002 buyable Playstation 2007 buyable Playstation 2016 buyable Playstation 2021 ummm let me think about it.
GameBliss 9 days ago
The only console I have is my PS2 (slim) and I am so happy that our Playstation has evolved this much. 😭 I will own Playstation 5 one day. 😄
Den Digger
Den Digger 9 days ago
Play has no limits! unless they're out of stock hahahahahaaaaaaaaa.....
MustafaPS5 9 days ago
evolution is clear here ❤️
鬼島居民 9 days ago
Szymon Int
Szymon Int 9 days ago
I MUST get to on the premere (sry my english)
Overdrive2R77 5SSZ3
Is there any news of a new Crash Bandicoot game?
Overdrive2R77 5SSZ3
@Prince Zane i've already finished the game months ago i guess on ps4. I think its time for news.
Prince Zane
Prince Zane 9 days ago
They literally just put crash 4 on the ps5 and the game itself was made like months ago.
turtle 15
turtle 15 9 days ago
I cannot wait to play rift apart insomniac always delivers 👍
Chris The Player
Chris The Player 9 days ago
Man this game got me very excited its easily gonna be game of the year
Sllappeyy 9 days ago
what will be crazy is if you brought back jak and daxter
Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy 9 days ago
How I would love to buy this. But PS5 aren’t readily available “sigh”
ZetarOmicron 9 days ago
Make a Remaster Collection for PS4/PS5 I will buy them in a sec☝️☝️
wais_45 9 days ago
the ps2 startup music is soooo nostalgic!!! PS2 sound was so ahead of its time man, goat console
Jackson Coelho
Jackson Coelho 9 days ago
Juan Angel Herrera
Woooww 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Jin Kazama
Jin Kazama 9 days ago
Sony: "Best $200M I've ever spent."
Koral Davis
Koral Davis 9 days ago
Over 15 games and almost 20 years
Bailujen 9 days ago
Will the classics get ported
kingofdogs2012 9 days ago
Wish I had a ps5
Jo Green
Jo Green 9 days ago
In the lords name, give me ps5
SNAKE_15 9 days ago
"Exclusive" but for how long
Only You
Only You 9 days ago
Uhm, forever maybe lol
Ghost101 9 days ago
June 11 is going to be lit. 🔥
mywill2live 9 days ago
Getting another Ratchet & Clank Collection + Deadlocked would be awesome. Or better yet remaking all 4 would be amazing, but that's asking a bit much
Amr Salama
Amr Salama 9 days ago
you know this video would've absolutely been epic if it was a ratchet and clank series remaster announcement... I mean 2022 is gonna be R&C's 20th anniversary and what better way to celebrate it than by remastering all the previous main games (Which yes should include Deadlocked)
Doctor Awesomeness
The fact that Ratchet and Clank is turning 20 next year is very impressive.
I got paid lots of money I’m rich now
PlayStation 5 exclusive nooooooo
Caue Ferrari
Caue Ferrari 9 days ago
InTheZone 9 days ago
PS exclusives, no pandering, no agenda, no politics, AAA title. This is what we want and this game is going to deliver.
Pselo Design
Pselo Design 9 days ago
Autant ne rien faire ! Dislike ! Sony, en perte d'intérêt !
Garrett Carter
Garrett Carter 9 days ago
I wish I could play Crack in Time on my PS4.
Thebossof2k 21
Thebossof2k 21 9 days ago
Not on ps4 dang
Никита Пашков
Tools of Destruction 😍
Q8 Games
Q8 Games 9 days ago
ما شاء الله
Li TT 9 days ago
Ps2>rest where r ps4 versions of ps2 classics u on crack cocaina Sony
redscarf20 9 days ago
Can honesly say I grew up playing Ratchet & Clank.
Berto Young
Berto Young 9 days ago
zman 2004
zman 2004 9 days ago
They had the officially licensed playstation light on the entertainment system lol
Eli Rahamim
Eli Rahamim 9 days ago
Can I pre order the game even though I didn’t play all the past games series ? The new one is interesting and magnificent…..
Don Juan
Don Juan 9 days ago
Yuhhh next we need sony console evolution
JayStapes 9 days ago
Please add Tools of destruction to PS Now
el hombre chapulino
Resistence 4
jkbobful 9 days ago
They should remaster these games for PS5
Maximus The Wolf Reborn
Strangely enough this game is been around in my timeline 2002-2021
Kevin M
Kevin M 9 days ago
I have ps5 with 2007 gaming setup
aad piraat
aad piraat 9 days ago
I'm playing going comando right now
hotdogwater 9 days ago
Rift into the future so I can actually buy a PS5
Jude Raphael
Jude Raphael 9 days ago
I recommend *BASECRACKK* on instagram he is a PlayStation associate he got available stock for sell at retail price
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